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3 Genius Luggage Tips That’ll Transform Your Travel Experience

3 Genius Luggage Tips That’ll Transform Your Travel Experience

Despite how fun, enriching, and wholesome traveling can be, it also comes with its fair share of worries. If you’re not great at packing or assiduously carrying your luggage around, you may feel overwhelmed just thinking about going on vacation!

For many people, the stress of planning a trip is more than the enjoyment they get out of it. If this sounds familiar, make sure you undo the damage stat.

Fortunately, overcoming luggage woes is pretty simple. In this blog, we’ll walk you through three genius luggage tips that’ll transform your travel experience. Continue reading!

1. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Creating a Packing List

We get it, the thought of creating a packing list is downright exhausting. Despite how reluctant you may be to create one, make sure you follow through. A packing list can help you steer clear of massive packing disasters.

According to research, humans now have an attention span of eight seconds. In comparison, goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds, one second more than ours. No matter how present-minded, assiduous, and sharp you may be, forgetfulness can strike at any moment.

To avoid forgetting something extremely important, overpacking the same thing, or making any other luggage mistake, create a packing list beforehand. We recommend frequently revisiting and revising it to ensure relevance and correctness in the days leading up to your trip.

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2.Understand Your Luggage Needs

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If you travel frequently, make sure you get a good grasp on your luggage needs.

Do you prefer rolling suitcases, duffel bags, or backpacks? Is your travel experience better when you carry hard or soft luggage? Do you find two-wheeled or four-wheeled luggage more convenient? What size of luggage works best for you? Are there any extra luggage features you should consider?

Take your time, and carefully answer these questions. As you systematically check off all the boxes and make changes based on what works best for you, your travel experience will become more smooth, convenient, and hassle-free.

3. Safely Store Your Luggage Once You Reach Your Destination

Instead of carrying heavy luggage around, make sure you safely store it at a vetted destination. At Cubby, we offer affordable luggage storage services at $5.90/day. Simply drop off your luggage at one of our locations, and our cubbers will babysit it until you’re ready to grab and go!

By protecting your luggage while you’re gone, we help you explore a new destination unrestrictedly without worrying about having your hands full.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Washington DC, Las Vegas, Boston, Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, Galveston, or San Antonio, we’re here to add a touch of convenience to your getaway. Click here to find out more about our services.