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3 Places You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Solo Trip to DC

3 Places You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Solo Trip to DC

The nation’s capital is no laughing matter. While you might think there’s little more to Washington DC than its Capitol Hill buildings, tourists think otherwise. In fact, the capital had record visits from tourists in 2018—a whopping 23.8 million people.

And it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

The Lincoln Museum

The Lincoln Memorial

No other figure is as big a symbol of American ideology as Abe Lincoln—and when we say big, we mean really big. Like, 19 feet tall and 19 feet wide. Because that’s how big the iconic statue of the Former American President is at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. With about the same length and width, the statue is perfectly symmetrical and almost squarish. But that isn’t all that makes it so beautiful and stately. It’s also the pearly white of the interior and the grave expression on Lincoln’s face—looking straight across at the War Memorial—that takes your breath away.

A Stone of Hope

The “mountain of despair,” on first reading, sounds like something straight out of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim Progress. It is, however, a term from one of the most famous quotes by American legend Martin Luther King, Jr. “Out of the mountain of despair,” he had said, “a stone of hope.”

The Statue of Marin Luther King Jr

The artists who worked on the memorial took the quote to heart. The memorial consists of a mountain that is split into two—and from its center rises an unfinished statue of the man himself. It was he, King himself, who was the stone of hope—that’s what the artists decided, and that’s what we think so too.

A Walk Among Giants

It is sad that we will never get to see dinosaurs walk the Earth again (or, perhaps, it’s good news? Who wants to be eaten by a T-rex anyway?). But that doesn’t mean you cannot marvel at the ingenuity and sheer force of nature. That doesn’t mean you can’t lay your eyes on the biggest statues in the world, displayed for your pleasure right here in Washington DC.

 Statue of a dinosaur

The Natural History Museum is an iconic building. On the inside, it’s all gold and white, and oak and alabaster: beautiful, almost Victorian-inspired staircases and archways. Not only will you be able to take amazing photographs in here, but you’ll come out with a wealth of knowledge with just one visit. From mummified bears to actual mummies, this museum has it all.

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