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3 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Weekend Getaway to Atlanta This Spring

3 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Weekend Getaway to Atlanta This Spring

You can count on spring for being the jolliest time of the year. Especially in Atlanta.

Why Spring?

Why not? Imagine the many trees that line Atlanta in full bloom. Their coat of many colors stands out and immediately attracts your attention. Atlanta locals really do love their springs. It’s in the South, and that means that the weather this time round is perfect for travelers. You can go on hikes, have lunches out in the sun, and have a great deal of fun!

Among the things we think you should try in Atlanta in the spring, here are some:

Park Picnics

Remember those picture books from our childhood days that had people in parks eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking tea? Well, all of that can become a reality if you visit Atlanta in the spring. With the weather a lot more manageable, better food options, and an overall more genial feel in the air, springtime is the best time for picnics of such sort.

Atlanta flowers in the spring

The parks that you can visit for this purpose are Piedmont Park, Old Fourth Ward Park, and Grant Park. All of these parks are endowed with paths and ponds—all the better for your picnic.

Trailside Bike Rides

You can easily hire a bicycle and go hiking on one of the many trails in Atlanta. The Arabia Mountain Path and the Silver Comet Trail are two particularly well-known locations that facilitate trailside bikers. And these locations are especially populated in the springtime.

You get to see Atlanta’s flora as you could never have: forestry, rocks, unbelievable landscapes, and a vast greenspace. It’s also great for your health.

Botanical Garden Visit

Think about it: what thing is it that blooms in the springtime? Flowers.

And where can you find lots and lots of flowers? That’s right, in a Botanical Garden. And Atlanta has one of those. The Callaway Gardens is another prime spot that houses a host of thousands of azaleas that are just a sight to behold. What’s even better is that the Botanical Gardens are situated right next to Piedmont Park. You can get out of that park from your picnic and pay the garden and its flowers a short, intimate visit.

You’ll be thinking of those smells and sights for days to come.

Luggage Storage in Atlanta

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