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3 Things Every New Traveler Should Know

3 Things Every New Traveler Should Know

New to the whole wanderlust thing? You might want to hold on to these guidelines as if they were gospel!

It’s Easy to Get Lost—Until It’s Not

It really depends on the place you’re going to and whether you’ve been there before. People who are frequent travelers to Vegas or Washington D.C. will hardly ever get lost—but for first-timers, it can get very daunting. Places like Vegas and D.C. can be very confusing for people who’re visiting for the first time because they tend to look the same—no matter where you are.

Luckily for you, a lot of technology is around to keep you from getting lost. Maps, for instance, are something that you should always have on you. Even if you’re a local—having a map is a must.

For travelers, GPS and Google Maps are life-savers.

Your smartphones are . . . smart, right? Use them!

It’s Easy to Overspend if You aren’t Careful

Since you’re engaging in interstate travel, the price ranges might vary in a different city—and you may take a lot of things for granted. You might say, oh, things in D.C. are just supposed to be expensive, and go with the flow. Never think that. While the price ranges may differ a little, they can’t be too different in all of America. One way of knowing whether or not you’re buying something overpriced is to check the price of the same item in different shops.

Plan Ahead and Budget

piggy bank for budgeting

Whether it’s a business trip or an academic meeting, we’d suggest you get to planning before you leave for the destination. Book your hotel/motel rooms in advance. If you’re making bookings for luggage storage in Washington D.C. or Las Vegas, do it beforehand because you might end up losing slots.

As for your budget, set aside a number before you leave. This is the number you don’t breach—the number you stop at. It could be a daily budget or an overall budget divided into daily and shopping budgets. Whatever the budget, stick to it—it’s your one-way ticket to not going broke.

And if you end up saving something from your travel budget, congratulations!

You Don’t Have to Pay for Hotels Unnecessarily

A lot of new travelers don’t fully realize the arsenal of resources that they have going for them—the sheer variety of services being offered around the country. They might have an idea that hotels are expensive—but they might not know that there are ways around it.

So, let’s say they’re new to the whole thing and have to be out for an entire night, partying. They don’t need the hotel room because they’re going to be out in the day as well—or they’re simply going to check out in the morning.

They still end up booking an expensive hotel room—for the safety and storage of their luggage. Little do they know that luggage storage services are a thing.

Luggage Storage Services

In the cities of Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio, Cubby is a luggage-storage service that can help new travelers out. Instead of spending hundreds on a hotel room, all they have to do is spend $5.90 on luggage storage!