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3 Type of Luggage Bags Every Traveler Should Have

3 Type of Luggage Bags Every Traveler Should Have

If you travel frequently (or used to before the pandemic hit), you’re no stranger to the world of travel bags. These come in all shapes and sizes, and are essential traveling accessories.

So, which travel bags are must-haves for your collection? Let’s take a look.


If you’re someone who prefers having a hands-free experience while they’re traveling, backpacks are your best friends. These easy to carry shoulder bags allow you to carry your essentials wherever you go. This keeps your hand free to navigate and explore the new area you’re exploring, and gives you a sense of freedom. It’s no wonder most travelers, especially those who’re hiking or camping, prefer carrying backpacks.

Backpacks tend to be quite durable, which adds to their popularity. They also come with different compartments and pockets that make it easy for travelers to organize their things. The versatile design of backpacks is what allows you to roam around freely without the bag restricting your movement.

That said, carrying a backpack all day can be tough on your shoulders. It’s recommended that you use backpacks that come with padded shoulder straps to avoid strap marks and shoulder pain. Also take periodic breaks and wring off the bag from your shoulder to avoid muscle cramps.

Duffel Bags

Next up, you have duffel bags. These are typically made of canvas or leather or canvas, and come in large, cylindrical forms. The bags have carrying straps and zip closures attached, and may include exterior pockets. Think of a travel duffel bag as your regular gym bag, but in a much larger size.

Duffel bags are less bulkier than suitcases, making them easier to carry. They’re more spacious than backpacks, allowing you to pack more generously. However, if you’re going to be outdoors for a long time, carrying a duffel bag can be a little annoying.

brown duffel bag

Trolley Bags

We can’t discuss travel bags and not talk about the iconic trolley bags! When these wheeled bags were first introduced, they took the world by a storm. The popularity of trolley bags hasn’t diminished over the years. They’re perfect for both longer trips as well as shorter ones, providing you with plenty of storage space.

The best part about trolley bags, of course, is the wheels attached at the bottom. You don’t have to tug along or carry your bag in your hands; you can simply push (or pull) the bag as you go. The one downside of these bags is that they can be a little bulky to travel with.

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