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A Guide to Washington, DC Museums and Historic Sites

A Guide to Washington, DC Museums and Historic Sites

Founded in 1790, Washington DC holds a special place in American history. The Nation’s capital is a dynamic city that has been the center of political maneuvering, race and sectional conflicts, and state authority for hundreds of years. Owing to its deep connection to the events in the country, Washington DC has plenty of sights that history lovers will enjoy visiting.

Here are some national landmarks that can help you better understand the incredible history of the U.S.:

National World War II Memorial

The awe-inspiring National World War II Memorial stands in the majestic National Mall. Featuring two 43-foot arches and a 17-foot pillar for each state, the memorial is an ode to those who served the country during the war. Spread out on a field of almost 4,000 gold stars; the stunning monument is a must-see landmark for U.S. history enthusiasts.

National Museum of the American Indian

It’s impossible to separate U.S. history from the culture and practices of the Native Americans. Everyday life in the U.S. today is still influenced by the lifestyle of the indigenous communities. Explore the wide range of artifacts put on display in the National Museum of the American Indian. Their new exhibit, Americans, is open until 2027.

 Closeup of the historic congressional cemetery in Washington DC

Historic Congressional Cemetery

The Historic Congressional Cemetery is a picturesque burial ground located on the west bank of the Anacostia River. The 37-acre cemetery was founded during the civil war and is still a final resting place for many U.S. luminaries, including senators, Supreme Court judges, and veterans of every battle the country fought. Talk a self-guided walk in the cemetery’s vast grounds to pay tribute to the dignitaries of the state.

National Museum of American History

Displaying over 3 million historical and cultural artifacts, the National Museum of American History offers a life-like exhibit of the U.S. enterprise, presidency, transportation, and much more.

Perhaps the more awe-inspiring artifact of the museum is the Star-Spangled Banner flag display. This flag flew over Fort McHenry in Baltimore in 1814 when the British Navy attacked us. The heavenly display of the flag is sure to overwhelm any loyal U.S. citizen.

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