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All You Need to Know About Flying Safely to Las Vegas amid the Pandemic

All You Need to Know About Flying Safely to Las Vegas amid the Pandemic

Nevada saw its first COVID case sometime in March, but it hasn’t been affected all too badly since. Businesses—such as Vegas casinos and hotels—have reopened their gates to interested parties, and things look slowed down, but normal.

In times such as these, what do you need to know about flying to Las Vegas?

You’ll Need to Follow the Rules

Of course, you already know that. Certain measures are in place to keep you and those around you safe and sound. Many airlines have mandated that they will not let passengers board their aircraft if they aren’t wearing masks. You will also be screened before you’re allowed to board. Certain airlines, such as Allegiant Air, a Vegas-based airline, has even started issuing “safety kits.” These include masks, gloves, sanitizers, wet wipes, and so on.

These kits are for your safety. Use them.

Low Airfares


One of the good things—if indeed anything can be called a good thing in these hard times—to come out of the pandemic was this: airfare isn’t exactly as expensive as it used to be. Additionally, you will find yourself a good deal of comfortable elbow space in flights. Flights from Vegas to Orlando or Miami went as low as $87—and we’re talking round trips here.

If you’ve been putting off your trip to a city like Vegas because of money, now’s your chance. With the right amount of care and caution, you, too, can enjoy Vegas on a budget.

Finding Space for Luggage Storage

Since hotels were closed at the beginning of the lockdown, many travelers automatically assumed that the city was dead—and that even if they could find accommodation, they couldn’t find luggage storage space.

That is untrue.

Baggage storage service provider Cubby was operational all through the lockdown. We never stopped offering our services to the needy in times when they needed it the most. Of course, we amped up our security measures, ensured greater hygiene and health practices, and dutifully exercised physical distancing. But we did continue extending our services to our customers—because we knew they needed it.

It’s Possible to Fly to Vegas AND Exercise Physical Distancing

These days, us humans have a tool we didn’t have back when Europe was being ravaged by the Black Death. This tool is called the internet.

You can use the internet to book your flights. You can use it to plan everything in advance and from the comfort of your home: your hotel rooms, your motel bookings, and even your luggage storage space.

All you need to do is visit Cubby’s website and make your booking in the city of your choice, Vegas or otherwise. We provide baggage storage services in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio. The process is easy, simple, and quick—it’s over in 3 minutes!