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Austin’s Food Truck Scene: All You Need to Know

Austin’s Food Truck Scene: All You Need to Know

Le tour de food trucks are kind of mandatory for people who visit Austin. Texas’s capital city is known for its outstanding food, mainly due to its famous and thriving food truck scene. From aromatic bowls of curry to cheesesteak egg rolls, you’ll literally find everything here. Whether you’re looking for mouthwatering breakfast or last night munching, here are some excellent food trucks in Austin that we recommend:

Spicy Boys

When you ask for food truck recommendations from the locals, Spicy Boys is likely to be among the top of their list. They have a good variety of food on their menu. The spicy chicken and curry tots are to die for. The Sichuan chicken is a delicious, large portion of food and fried to perfection. The food truck is based outside of St. Elmo’s Brewery, so you can grab a few drinks to round up a perfect meal. Oh, and don’t forget to try their delicious tangy and sweet chicken wings.

Churros sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The Churro Co

The dandy little trailer in Austin makes Churros from scratch. Started in 2014, the spot has become a hub for dessert-lovers. It’s actually a perfect place to cure a sweet tooth craving. They serve perfectly fried Churros: a little sweet, a little salty, and very crispy, with generous toppings. They’re all delicious! We’d recommend Campfire and Texas comfort. Fair warning: the place gets crowded on weekends, but the Churros are worth the wait.

Franklin BBQ Taco Truck

If you’re in Austin for a quick visit, you might want breakfast on the go. There’s no place better than Franklin BBQ Taco Truck to crave your tastebuds in the morning. You can get savory tacos with various options, including BBQ options like chopped brisket, chorizo, and sausage patties, as well as non-meat options like cheese, eggs, refried beans, potatoes, and guacamole. They also serve espresso-based drinks, an array of teas, hot chocolates, and a variety of beverages.

Austin’s a vibrant city. The people in this city love an outdoor lifestyle and doesn’t get bothered by the heat. Each of these food trucks is unique in its own right, and we only told you a bunch of options to give you a good idea. We’d highly recommend you to go out and explore Austin’s food truck scene yourself. If you’re a foodie, you’d absolutely love it. Make sure you use a luggage storage service so you can roam around freely.

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