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Big Foodie Vibes: What to Pack for Interstate Travel

Big Foodie Vibes: What to Pack for Interstate Travel

What do you think of as the first things you should pack when you’re traveling? We bet it’s either your essential documents or your clothes. Maybe you even think about money and medicine. But do most of us travelers ever give a thought to food? After all, we can’t live without food, and sure, if you’re traveling on a plane, you’ll have food.

But everyone doesn’t like airline food.

And will that airline meal be enough? Would you have time enough to run to a café if your stomach begins to gurgle?

We think there are a few things foodies should definitely pack, such as:


One of the best portable edibles you can pack for your trip are snacks. Full of protein and crunch, anything from salty, to sweet, to spicy, goes. We’d suggest go with something that has nuts, but if you aren’t down for that, chips and the regular fare will do too. Just be sure to pack a mouth wash or dental floss with you as well!


Peanuts, almonds, cashews—anything dry and healthy that you can get a hand on, pack it. These nifty portable edibles are packed with nutrients, good fats, and will keep you active for the rest of your journey. When you feel hungry, you can pop these into your mouth without worrying about gorging or gluttony. They’re gentle on the body.

Cold Noodles

a block of ramen noodles

Many markets sell these delicious cooked noodles in little cups. If not, you still have the ramen option that requires nothing more than some boiling water to be ready for dinner. People love ramen: it’s yummy, it’s easy to make, and it’s quick to cook. It’s also feasible to carry, and no personnel at airports will hound you for it.

Slices of Fruits and Vegetables

If you’re into fresh fruit and veggies, you can cut and slice them before you leave for the airport. Wrap them up or pack them in a safe container, and later you can munch on them without guilt whenever and however you desire.


Finally, life is always better with crackers. Light, tasty, and filling, crackers are easy mal options for when you’re traveling. They can also serve as sides to whatever else it is that you’re having. Perhaps that nasty airline soup that you don’t particularly like might taste just okay with some good old crackers?

Not Edible, But Important: Luggage Storage

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