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Boston Travel Tips: What Not to Do in Boston

Boston Travel Tips: What Not to Do in Boston

Going to a new city is always a fun experience. Getting to experience local life and intermingle with the crowd leads to a lot of fun memories. However, all it takes is one wrong move or offensive joke to leave a sour taste in your mouth!

While you can easily read up on State laws to avoid breaking rules, every city has unspoken rules that are obeyed by the public for peacekeeping. Here are some unspoken rules you will be expected to follow on your trip to Boston!

Don’t Imitate The Accent

Okay, we get it! You’ve heard your favorite actors on TV absolutely smash the Boston accent, and you want to see if you can do it too. But more often than not, you’re going to be met with a blank stare!

Locals have heard every poor attempt at a Boston accent you can think of. It’s pretty tiring, and you could even tick people off! It makes for a poor first impression, which can turn into an awkward friendship. Instead, lead with a hi and bond over non-accent related topics that everyone can enjoy.

Don’t Make Plans After 2:00 A.M.

 Empty roads late at night.

If you’re a night owl, we recommend fixing your schedule before hitting up Boston. You’re going to find that everything shuts down by 2 in the morning here, and you’ll be loitering alone on the streets.

While the days and nights are bustling, most bars will be shutting their doors to you any time past 2, making it difficult to carry out super late-night plans. Instead, call it a night earlier and wake up on time to enjoy Boston in all its morning glory!

Don’t Lug Around Your Bags 

If you’re a tourist on-the-go, we recommend leaving your bags in a safe location. Boston can get very crowded and busy, and if you lose your valuables in public, there’s very little chance you’ll get them back!

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