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Can You Really Get Homesick on an Extended Vacation?

Can You Really Get Homesick on an Extended Vacation?

When you’ve been away from home for a long stretch of time you tend to become homesick. People who are used to traveling face this lesser so—but most people do experience the forlorn feeling at one point or another. Mostly, the cause is. . .

Being in an Unfamiliar Territory

When you’ve been living in Anchorage, Alaska, all your life, and are suddenly expected to be in Houston, Texas, for a month—well, homesickness can be expected. Alaska and Texas are as different as different can be—the unfamiliarity that stems from this transition can make you feel stranded. This, in turn, leads to homesickness.

Being Away from Family Members

 person misses home

Part of what makes life so jolly and familiar for you is the place—but the other half is the people. It’s the people around you—your friends, your family, even your neighbors and the postman who delivers your mail—that make the setting around you. They are people you see daily—an essential part of your life. Not seeing them is disruptive to life as you know it.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is: yes, you can get homesick on extended vacations. Having to stay away from your family members, being in an alien place for a long stretch of time, not being familiar with your surroundings, etc can all affect you. Now, then, the question remains: how do you remedy this problem?

Resolving Homesickness

If your new job requires you to travel frequently, you might be wondering just how in the world can you ever get around to getting rid of being homesick. Having to travel frequently and being constantly homesick is a paradox, but there are ways around it.

First, reduce your periods of stay in a different city. Most people who travel frequently often extend their stays because they have a dearth of luggage storage solutions. It’s easier to stash your luggage in one hotel/motel room and continue extending your stay in that location. This, however, often results in homesickness, which can be distressing to a person.

Luggage Storage Solutions

If luggage storage solutions which have compelled you to extend your stays in a place, then Cubby has the perfect solution for you. We are an on-demand luggage storage solution with operations in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio. You can make as many trips to different cities as you like while you leave your luggage with us for long stretches of time. As opposed to wasting hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms, you’ll only be paying us $5.99 per bag per night—and only an additional $3.99 per additional day.