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Can You Spend the Night at Logan Airport in Boston?

Can You Spend the Night at Logan Airport in Boston?

So you’re stranded at the Boston Logan Airport for part of the night. Can you sleep it out there—or is that a bad idea?

Spending the Night is Not the Same as Sleeping

A word of caution: spending the night at the Logan Airport is not tantamount to sleeping there. You are forbidden from slumbering and snoozing while you’re at the airport. You can stay awake and read a book, talk to someone, etc. But make sure you don’t fall asleep because the airport authorities kick out people who treat the airport like a suite.

If they’ve closed down the security check posts, you will also not be allowed to wait inside. So what should you do in such a situation? You’re with your luggage, you’re stranded in Boston, you have a quick plane to catch but some hours to wait, and you don’t have money for a hotel room.

First, the Luggage

First things first: take care of the luggage. Use a luggage storage service such as Cubby’s to keep your bags safe and sound at their local locations. We offer insurance on your luggage, as well as security. We also offer online bookings, which take only 3 minutes: so if you’re outside a closed airport, you can still find a suitable Cubby location within 3 minutes and be on your way.

What Next?

Boston at night

Next? Next, you go on a tour. And if you think there’s nothing to do near Logan airport, you’d be majorly mistaken. You can…

Go to the North End

The North End in Boston is a famed town that’s known for its Italian food, many bakeries, and Paul Revere. Here, you’ll find buildings as old as America itself.

Visit the New England Aquarium

Offering a mesmerizing Whale Watch and housing an astonishing array of marine life, the New England Aquarium is a popular tourist spot.

Late-Night Options

If it’s too late in the night for the North End to be bright and the Aquarium to be open, you can instead:

  • Grab a bite at the Dunkin Donuts at the airport, which is open all-day
  • Order Chinese food from the Great Chef Chinese Food at Day Square—they do deliveries at even 4 in the morning!
  • Go to the Skywalk Observatory. Unlike most places, the Observatory is often frequented by people in the night.
  • Visit the Theatre District. There’s good food, good wine, and good people to be found here. It’s also very happening in the wee hours of the night.
  • Try a concert, if one’s happening. Concerts usually run late into the night, and you can always make a friend to drink with later.

Cubby’s Service Cities

If you’re curious about the cities we provide our service in, it isn’t just Boston. We provide our baggage storage services in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Las Vegas, and San Antonio.