Coming to Austin, TX? Here’s a Bucket List from Locals

Coming to Austin, TX? Here’s a Bucket List from Locals

Great food, great people, great music, and an overall fantastic culture of fun and frivolity—Austin, TX is quickly rising in popularity as the place to be if you want to enjoy the finer things in life!

So, if you’re planning a trip to Austin and aren’t sure how you should start enjoying all that the city has to offer, no worries!

We asked our local Cubbers down in Austin to provide us with their recommendations for out-of-town vacationers!

– Take a Classic Cruise on the Lady Bird Lake

Especially if you’re going to Austin in the summer months, dinner and a cruise on Lady Bird Lake is a must! You’ll have plenty of options when searching for cruise tours and sightseeing adventures any day of the week. And you’ll even have the choice of opting for private tours if you have a big party in tow!

– Go Sightseeing with Your Biker Gang

A fast but safe way of touring Austin, Your Biker Gang offers customers the opportunity to see the sights while riding on electric-powered bikes with classic Harley-style wheels! A sightseeing tour that showcases the unique, fun personality of the city, this tour is carried out multiple times a day so you should be able to find a spot in their tour schedule.

Coming to Austin, TX? Here’s a Bucket List from Locals

– Have a Culinary Experience

Austin is known for its great food, after all! So why not partake in a pleasing culinary experience? For the indecisive souls out there, Thrillist offers a great list of restaurants in Austin, so you should be able to find your favorite cuisine somewhere. Otherwise, if you’re the adventurous sort, our Cubbers suggest that you just let your mood guide you. Austin has a lot of food trucks, each better than the last, so you’ll be in for a treat!

– Watch Bats Fly Away

Coming to Austin, TX? Here’s a Bucket List from Locals

It may sound weird but hear us out! Each year for eight months, from March to October, thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats fly to eat South Congress Bridge and burrow into the nooks and crannies underneath. Typically, these bats fly around after sunset, so with swarms of bats flying about, this definitely adds to the unique quality of the city. If you have time, rent a canoe or a kayak or just park yourself near the bridge near sunset, at about 8PM to see this amazing sight!

– Visit the Harry Ransom Center

If you’re a history nerd, then Harry Ransom Center will be a perfect spot to visit! Home to one of the largest archives of original historical documents and manuscripts in the U.S., the Harry Ransom Center features a range of awesome exhibits, like the world’s oldest surviving photograph, known as The First Photograph. The center also houses the first edition ever of the Gutenberg King James Bible. With such treasures on display, you can only imagine what more is hidden in the annals of the museum.

Getting Excited?

Plan a day of exploring Austin!

Drop off your heavier things with a Cubber in Austin, TX and travel the city, hands-free. And be open to trying newer things. Austin is a city that celebrates change and happiness so enjoy the experience.

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