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Coming to Houston? Here’s Some Facts You Need to Know

Coming to Houston? Here’s Some Facts You Need to Know

Probably one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, Houston is always happy to welcome travelers into its folds.

So if thinking about taking time out of your busy trip schedule to explore the city, you can be sure Houston is worth your while. But if you’re from out-of-state, we understand your concerns.

It’s a big city and you don’t know much about it. What it offers, what’s great about it, and so on.

Cubby, a leading affordable luggage storage service in Houston, TX, presents some facts about The Bayou City that’ll get you interested!

1. Houston Has a Thriving Culinary Scene


With more than 10,000 restaurants in one city, what else can you expect!

Representing over 70 countries and native U.S. regions than you can count, Houston offers everything under the sun. From ramen and biryani to healthy vegan pizzas, whatever your taste buds are in the mood for, Houston does not disappoint!

2. Houston has an Underground Tunnel System for Pedestrians

Underground Tunnel System

Located 20 feet below, this underground system runs for about seven miles, connecting 95 city blocks. Originally linked between two movie theatres, the tunnel now also leads to major city buildings, retail stores and restaurants—a great system for a city that’s marked as the fourth most populous city in the country!

3. Houston Has the Largest Shopping Mall in Texas

Named The Galleria or the Houston Galleria, this shopping mall opened in 1970. Considered the 9th largest mall in the United States, this mall houses over 375 stores that fill four floors. So whatever you need, you’ll most likely find it at the galleria.

4. It Also Has the Second Largest Theatre District in the U.S.


Spanning 17 blocks, the district is home to nine professional organizations for performing arts. With plenty of choices for plays to pick from, this district is the perfect place to visit if you’re a theater geek. And if you’re just in time for the performing arts season, all the better!

The district hosts an open house each year with offers for backstage tours and even free performances. So even if you’re on a budget, you’ll still be able to snag a few seats to an anticipated play.

5. Houston is Also Home to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Space Center

Houston, we have a problem! Yep, it’s that Houston you’ve always heard of in Sci-Fi movies and space shows! Home to NASA Astronaut Corps (where international astronauts are trained to go to space), this place is a dream destination for any person who ever wished to go up in space.

Interested Yet?

Aside from these, Houston has so much to offer! So get excited. Book a Cubby in Houston, TX so you can get your luggage stored safely. Then go explore!

We’re available in Boston and Washington D.C., Atlanta, Galveston, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, Fort Worth and San Antonio.

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