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Crazy Atlanta Facts You Wish You’d Known Earlier

Crazy Atlanta Facts You Wish You’d Known Earlier

While you’ve been there once or twice, you haven’t really had a chance to truly enjoy everything that Atlanta has had to offer.

Sure, you got a taste of its City In A Forest vibe it’s famous for. But if truth be told, you’re a little underwhelmed if that’s all the city has.

Atlanta is one of the most amazing cities in the United States. You just have to give it a chance! And to get you excited about your impending trip, we asked some residents in Atlanta, what they wanted travelers to know about their great city!

– Atlanta Food is an Experience, Not a Meal

Crazy Atlanta Facts You Wish You’d Known Earlier

In other words, there’s food, and then there’s Atlanta food!

It’s the tenth largest metropolitan area in the U.S., and Atlanteans enjoy their status as a big city. But it’s precisely because of that, that many restaurateurs try to offer food that’s more ‘cozy home’, not a big city menu! From fried chicken and waffles, BBQ with a scrumptious side of mac ‘n’ cheese and fluffy biscuits with creamed corn to crackling corn muffins; food in Atlanta is enough to make you forget about the worries of life.

– People Prefer Biking and Walking

Crazy Atlanta Facts You Wish You’d Known Earlier

Much like Boston, Atlanta is fast becoming a pedestrian-friendly city. Especially thanks to the BeltLine, which is a pedestrian-friendly road that loops around the city, the line is not only a welcome addition to the city, it’s bringing in a lot more jobs as well, and allowing easier access to walkers and bikers.

– Atlanteans LOVE Music

Crazy Atlanta Facts You Wish You’d Known Earlier

Childish Gambino, Ludacris, Killer Mike, Gucci Mane—all of these amazing artists are from Atlanta, GA. So, you can be sure that Atlanteans are going to celebrate them as much as they can. From the Manchester Orchestra to Deerhunter, many hip hop artists and rappers are from the city so expect to hear music and see performances taking place here and there.

– Atlanta is Home to the Nerds of America

Crazy Atlanta Facts You Wish You’d Known Earlier

Two words: Dragon Con!

An enormous, multi-genre fan convention that features lovers of fantasy, science fiction and comic books, Dragon Con is managed by a corporation and has 1,500 staffers onboard. The original private organization that operated the 1995 North American Science Fiction Convention, you can be sure that with Dragon Con, the supporters and volunteers pull out all the stops!

– Atlanta is Hollywood’s Favorite Destination

Crazy Atlanta Facts You Wish You’d Known Earlier

Due to the city’s tax policies, Atlanta is Hollywood’s favorite haunt for a number of movie projects. Driving Miss Daisy, Zombieland, The Hunger Games, Ant-Man, Furious 7, and Captain America: Civil War were shot and filmed in Atlanta. This city is the perfect place to come to, if you’re looking for a chance to come on the big screen yourself as an extra!

Excited about Atlanta, GA?

Then plan your trip!

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