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Did You Know About These Things that Happened in Vegas?

Did You Know About These Things that Happened in Vegas?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? As it turns out, yes; there are definitely things that happened in Vegas that you may not have heard about.

So we thought we should tell you all about them—to take your Vegas wisdom up a notch before your planned trip to Sin City.

MIT Blackjack

What do you think of when you think of students from MIT and Harvard? Mark Zuckerberg and David Fincher’s Social Network? Engineers and high SAT scores? Clever card players and gamblers in Vegas?

We’re sure it wasn’t the last one, but it’s true. They started off with $90,000 and quickly doubled it. They continued to make $160 an hour for years. When Bill Kaplan—the man who headed the team of students and ex-students—told his partner that he was leaving Harvard to make a fortune as a gambler, she said, “what am I going to tell my friends?

Maybe one of those friends is reading this blog right now, because Kaplan’s fledgling team made history by beating the casinos. They even made a movie about it—although we must warn you, it stars Kevin Spacey.

Serial Murders, the FBI, and a Lot of True Crime

When most of us think serial killers, we immediately think of Florida (because of Bundy) or California (because of Manson). You might even think of New York, given the city’s grim outlook and Gotham-like visage.

We don’t think of glamorous, glitzy Las Vegas—because to be fair, Vegas isn’t known for crime. The only crime that’s committed prolifically in Vegas is gambling—and that’s legal in Sin City, so it isn’t a crime at all.

However, only recently, the FBI linked a decades-old serial murder case to Vegas. Now, before you start thinking Vegas is full of Dahmers and Gacys, here’s the thing: the serial killer in this case is Samuel Little (some believe he is the country’s most notorious serial killer), and only one of his murders is linked to Vegas.

Little might have been in Vegas for a little time, but little did he know that it would take decades for this claim to be proved.

Nuclear Tourism

Did You Know About These Things that Happened in Vegas?

People will tell you that the best things to see in Vegas are either the Strip or the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas!’ sign—but what about the atomic bomb attraction?

In the 1950s, the U.S. Department of Energy did test after nuclear test in Nevada. It is a desert, after all. The sky would light up—and the streets would fill up with people eager to watch the spectacle.

Night turned into day. Apocalypse became a means of enjoyment. We sure wish they never stopped displaying the night lights!

Planning to Go to Vegas?

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