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Did You Know There’s a Crime Museum in DC?

Did You Know There’s a Crime Museum in DC?

The National Museum of Crime and Punishment sounds like it’s something straight out of a Russian novelist’s dreams—but it isn’t; it’s one of the many monuments and museums that’s located in DC.

Located at 575 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States, it was once the grisliest museum in the city—its innocent-looking artifacts more chilling than the ancient mummy-bones you’ll find at the Natural History Museum.

How it Began: A Privately-Owned Enterprise

One of the reasons this museum isn’t as well-known as, let’s say, the Museum of Natural History, is because it has a slightly different history. It did not begin as a public enterprise, and it wasn’t open to the public for free. When the museum opened its gates to criminology enthusiasts in 2008, it was very much a for-profit enterprise. You had to pay to see the marvels located inside.

It was, however, a small price to pay for the many treasures criminology and penology enthusiasts would find within, such as…

Serial Killers Gallery

a shady woman holds a weapon

One of the most famous galleries inside the museum was the serial killers gallery—it could tell you everything about Ted Bundy and keep you coming back for more. In fact, one of its more famous artifacts that drew loads of people to its gates was Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen Bug. Who wouldn’t pay to see a serial killer’s car, right?

We admit it’s grisly—but it’s eerily fascinating, too, isn’t it?

Sadly, It Closed Down

Unluckily for most travelers today, the Crime Museum closed down in DC sometime in 2015. The reason behind its closure was simple enough: it was a for-profit enterprise and not enough people were visiting to keep business afloat. Does that mean we might never have a chance to see OJ Simpson’s Bronco and Tennessee’s famous electric chair?

Let’s hope the government takes note and opens the gates of this museum for everyone for free. Museums like this one are a rarity and a reservoir of education we can’t find at many other places. One can hope, after all.

What to Do in Washington DC

So what if the Crime and Punishment Museum is no longer operational? You can still visit the scores of other museums that the city has to offer—and there are many! Watch crime documentaries on your flight to DC, stash your luggage at one of Cubby’s vetted locations, and be off on your adventure!

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