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Did You Know These Fun Facts About Boston?

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Boston?

The American Revolution, marathons, and clam chowder—few things describe Boston better. Truth be told, there’s so much more to this historical city—and you cannot miss that as you walk its streets and marvel at its red brick buildings. It won’t be wrong to say that Boston’s history is America’s history.

More than a history that is drenched in the original English colonies (it’s part of the New England region for a reason) and revolutionary wars, Boston is also home to many fun facts you never knew.

Some of these are. . .

First American City to Get a Subway

And no, we don’t mean the footlongs and Eat Fresh and all that. We mean subway systems, which no other American city got before Boston. America’s first ever subway opened in Boston in the year 1897. More than a hundred people availed the service on opening day. by the 1970s, some 300,000 Bostonians were using the subways for travel!

a subway station

The John Hancock Weather Beacon

Other than announcing whether or not the Red Sox have won a particular championship, the weather beacon atop the John Hancock building can also tell you the weather. This is how you can tell:

  • Steady blue: it’s all clear
  • Flashing blue: cloudy
  • Steady red: it might rain
  • Flashing red: it might snow

How great is that? Make sure you don’t miss that when you’re in Boston!

Christmas was Once Banned—No Seriously

We aren’t making this up. When the Puritans first came to England, they brought a great many things with them, including a disdain for Christmas celebrations. They disliked them so much that they went ahead and banned them! Christmas was officially banned in Boston (and the New England region at large) from 1659 to 1681. If you were caught celebrating Christmas, you’d have to pay 5 shillings.

Well, we’re glad that’s over, aren’t we? Imagine waging a war on Christmas—who knew Americans had already been there?

It’s Got Harvard

Yes, it’s the university Fincher showed in great detail in The Social Network. It’s where a lot of the world’s best and best-known people come to study. And it’s situated right here in Boston. Harvard is the oldest American university and a symbol of the glorious institution of education in the U.S.

Want to Visit?

We’d highly recommending coming down to Boston at least once and breathing in this historic air that’s so nostalgic of all the great events that have gone down in American history. Why should history only be taught in books?

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