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Downtown Atlanta’s Most Unusual Attractions

Downtown Atlanta’s Most Unusual Attractions

Most people want to visit the Georgia Aquarium, the Centennial Olympic Park, and the World of Coca Cola when they visit Atlanta. They also want to see The Atlanta Zoo, the Museum of Art, and the CNN Studio Tours, among many other popular Atlanta sites.

But are you sure that you aren’t missing out on anything? Do you want to see what mainstream visitors don’t see?

Because Downtown Atlanta offers just that.

Apex Museum

The Apex Museum is an important place—both in terms of education and history. It documents the history of Georgia’s African-American past. Atlanta is, after all, the second-largest area in the country with a black majority. The Apex Museum will give you a timeline of this rich history, right down to present day. Photographs, videos, artwork—and so much more—is waiting for you.

The State Farm Arena

The Atlanta Hawks are an extremely popular basketball team—and you can catch them at their finest at the State Farm Arena. It’s a mega-venue, it’s always packed, and there’s always a good game going on.

Ponce City Market

Forget the lavish malls and the shiny glitz of high-end brands. The Ponce City Market is an unconventional market that you just can’t afford to miss. You might not even recognize it as a market: that’s how deceivingly simple the building is. But once you’re inside, you’ll find a treasure trove. And, if you head to the roof, you’ll have a glorious view of Downtown Atlanta as well.

Agatha’s Mystery Dinner Theater

a beautiful steak with wine

What could be better than having dinner in Downtown Atlanta? Having dinner with a murder mystery being played on-stage, of course. And that’s exactly what Agatha’s Mystery Dinner Theater has to offer.

The dining room, which is vintage-style, will immediately have your attention. You have a five-course meal to plow through as you witness the execution of a murder, an investigation, and the story’s eventual resolution. You might even get some slapstick!

Baggage Storage Burdens

No one wants to see Downtown Atlanta—or any downtown in any city—with their luggage in tow. Imagine having to keep an eye on all those bags and carrying them around!

Cubby can help solve this problem

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