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Essential Christmas Luggage: Packing Bags for the Big Vacation

Essential Christmas Luggage: Packing Bags for the Big Vacation

The holiday season is upon us, and due to the coronavirus pandemic and the surge in infection rates, the opportunities for celebrating are limited. As a result, millions of Americans are planning big trips to get away from the stress and enjoy some much-needed vacation time. After all, who wants to sing carols and carve a lonely turkey by themselves or without their extended family?

While traveling anywhere is still risky due to the pandemic, if you follow the safety guidelines given by the CDC and understand the risks, you can enjoy a safe and fun trip this holiday season.

One of the most essential aspects of traveling this Christmas that you should not overlook is what to pack. You need to be extra careful and include some additional items to stay safe and have a good trip during the pandemic.

Here are some tips and travel essentials to help you pack for your Christmas vacation in 2020:

Clothing and Accessories

The most important part of packing for any trip is the right clothing. Check out the weather of the place you are planning to visit. You will most likely need a decent waterproof and warn coat that will shield you from extreme winter weather in most places. Apart from that, make sure you include additional clothing, thermal inners, gloves, jackets, scarves, and a cozy hat. If you are worried about overpacking, just leave your bags with a local luggage storage service from Cubby.

Travel Toiletries, Medication, And Safety Essentials

The next step is to pack travel toiletries such as soap, shampoos, deodorants, etc. Don’t forget to add some moisturizers and lotions to prevent your skin from drying in the cold winter air. Make sure you also pack first aid kits with medication for common issues such as fever, flu, scarves, and bruises. Because of the pandemic and the additional safety requirements, you should also pack extra masks, sanitizers, and gloves to decrease your risk of infection.

 A woman sharing her favorite Christmas snacks with her loved ones

Holiday Snacks

Holidays are all about nostalgia and the feeling of having your loved ones around you as you eat your favorite snacks. Just because you are going on vacation doesn’t mean you should miss out on all of that. Make sure you pack your favorite local holiday snacks to take with you and enjoy wherever you go. If you are visiting family, you can share your holiday snacks and have a good time in spite of the negativity spread by the COVD-19 pandemic!

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