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Excess Baggage: Why Do We Tend to Overpack?

Excess Baggage: Why Do We Tend to Overpack?

Are you someone who always tends to overpack, even if you’re just taking a week-long trip? What causes you to carry so many things along with you? Here are a few reasons why you typically overpack for your trips.

You’re Carrying a Huge Bag

Believe it or not, but the size of your bag really does affect the number of items you pack. The more space you have, the more tempted you’ll be to fill it up with things you think you’ll need for your trip.

The solution? Using a smaller bag. This will compel you to pack only the necessities and prevent you from adding that extra blue blouse or your second pair of skinny jeans because you have the space for it. Your bag will be packed with things you actually need to take along, and you’re much less likely to stuff it with more stuff when you’re already short of space.

You Don’t Have the Right Travel Products

Many times, people overpack because they don’t have the right travel items. For instance, you don’t really need to keep every product off your bathroom shelf for your two-week retreat. Instead, you can keep travel size toiletry kits that contain the products you’ll actually need and in the right amounts. Similarly, having multifunctional travel products can save you plenty of space and stop you from overpacking as well.

Investing in the right products will go a long way!

You’re Thinking of Too Many “What-Ifs”

Sometimes, we deceive ourselves into thinking that we’ll accomplish a lot more than we’ve set out to do on our vacation. Because of this, we end up stuffing our suitcases with things that just might come handy. For instance, you may pack your yoga mat or your running shoes for your two-week retreat in the hopes that you’ll continue your workout routine even though you’ve got a pretty full itinerary ahead of you. Similarly, you may pack your favorite book or your set of art supplies because what if you feel like reading on the beach or painting the view from your window?

woman thinking of what more to pack

Then there are the “what ifs” for worst-case scenarios. What if it rains? What if your dress gets ruined and you need a new one? What if you lose your luggage and don’t have a backup bag?

The more “what ifs” you dwell upon, the fuller your bag will be. It’s one thing to be prepared, but you don’t want to overdo it!

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