February–March Events in Houston You Have to Go To

February–March Events in Houston You Have to Go To

If you’re planning to go for a trip to Houston in the next month or so; let’s just say that you couldn’t have chosen a better time!

With spring on the horizon, Houston is getting ready to welcome the festive vibes and colors with open arms. With plenty of events arranged for February and March, Houston is going to be city full of parties until summer rolls about.

So, why not take part in the action? Here are some events happening in Houston in the next two months that you should experience!

February 2020

– The 5th Annual Houston Whiskey Social – February 8th, 2020

Taking place from 6PM to 9PM, the 5th Annual Whiskey Social is the largest whiskey tasting event in Texas. Featuring various spirits and whiskeys from around the world, this event lets you select single-barrel offerings along with fine food. With tickets ranging from $90–$140, this event is a must for those whiskey enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

February–March Events in Houston You Have to Go To

– Jones Hall Schumann Festival 2020 – February 9th, 2020

Featuring an exquisite collection of music with performers including the Houston Symphony, Andrés Orozco-Estrada as the conductor and Benjamin Grosvenor on the piano, this event dives into the beauty of Robert Schumann’s music. The event allows guests to explore his love for virtuoso pianist Clara Wieck, his struggle with depression and his unfortunate descent into madness. For music lovers, this event is a treat you cannot afford to miss.

– Cirque Du Soleil Alegria – February 29th 2020

A popular Cirque Du Soleil touring show, the Alegria is a riveting 2 and a quarter of an hour performance that captures your senses and takes you for a ride. Entertaining for the whole family, the Alegria showcases the magnificent choreography and stunts of their performers. Taking place at 8PM on a Saturday, Cirque Du Soleil Alegria is an event that cannot be missed!


– Tour De Houston – March 15th 2020

Coming to Houston for the first time? Grab a bike and join the fun with native Houstonians in this annual bike ride event. A great way of viewing the city, this unique experience takes you through the winding roads of Houston’s historic routes and neighborhoods, scenic parks and districts. The fact that this event also helps raise funds for the Reforest Houston Program is only a bonus!

February–March Events in Houston You Have to Go To

– Bayou City Art Festival – March 27th–29th 2020

Officially kicking off spring with Houston’s exclusive fine arts event, the Bayou City Art Festival features around 300 candidates and national artists working in more than 15 artistic media. If their work appeals to the jury, these artists are invited to show and sell their work to art lovers and interested parties.

Getting Excited?

There’s a lot to do in Houston than you know, so, plan early!

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So, get ready. Houston is waiting!

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