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Flying Somewhere? We’ve Got Some Airport Tips for You!

Flying Somewhere? We’ve Got Some Airport Tips for You!

Whether you’re headed to an important business meeting across the country or are making your way to a wonderfully relaxing week at a remote island—nobody wants to get stuck at the airport!

Airports can be a stressful environment even for the calmest of individuals. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips that’ll help you save time and swerve the TSA agents set to intimidate you with their comprehensive checks.

1. Remember the route to the airport

Do you know where the airport is from your home? Keep Google Maps handy and ensure you leave enough time to account for traffic along the way. Getting late to the airport can spell just the beginning of a stressful day.

2. Print or screenshot your boarding pass

Don’t rely on the airport internet to download your boarding pass onto your phone. Take a screenshot of it or simply take a print out with you. Who knows when your phone decides to act up and the battery dies.

3. Don’t wear yourself out with heavy luggage!

There’s only so much that you can take with you to the plane. Let our bag and luggage storage team babysit your belongings. Cubby operates in various locations across the United States, including Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Galveston Washington, D.C. Just pick a convenient location to drop off your bags and we’ll watch them for you while you travel stress-free to your destination.

4. Don’t waste time at the check-in queue

Flying Somewhere? We’ve Got Some Airport Tips for You!Check-in queues can be particularly long during the holiday season. However, you don’t need to worry about that. Go sip some coffee at a nearby café. Airports tend to give passengers priority when their flights are due to depart. When they call out your flight number, you can easily make your way to the front of the queue!

5. Don’t wear any jewelry

You don’t want the alarm to go off after you’ve handed in your keys, cell phone and your entire luggage. Simply skip the jewelry to the airport. You can always put it back on later!

6. Set an alarm for your flight time

If you’re travelling alone, you’d want to set an alarm on your phone near boarding time. This way, even if you go to sleep, you can rest easy knowing you won’t snooze away your flight.

7. Keep the kids busy

Children can get bored at airports easily. Lest they begin a wilding game of laser tag and cause a ruckus worthy of the security team’s attention, just hand them something to keep them busy during the wait. Arts and crafts or games on your mobile phone should do the trick!

Get in touch with Cubby and minimize the baggage claims process—one less thing to worry about at the airport! Our bag and luggage storageservice is available at $5.90 per bag for an entire day!

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