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How Americans Travel Differently Than People in the Rest of the World

How Americans Travel Differently Than People in the Rest of the World

Here at Cubby, we talk a lot about traveling, but now it’s the time to talk about you! Yes, we’re going to discuss all the American citizens’ traveling habits and preferences and why most of them are so different from the rest of the World.

As an American, you can argue about eating the pizza the right way: picking up a slice and taking a mouthful bite rather than daintily slicing and forking your way into it. Similarly, there are several ways you can distinguish your traveling habits from others.

So without any further ado, let’s get to know all about American travelers!

Planning a Trip

It’s a no brainer that Americans make one of the busiest nations in the entire world. According to a BLS survey, less than 7% of the US citizens are unemployed, leaving a big chunk of the population working day and day out.

A survey revealed that Americans stacked up as much as 768 million days of unused Paid Time Off instead of accruing them. So when it comes to planning a trip, American workaholics find it hard to take time off and put their nomadic shoes on!

Choosing a Destination

The punch line, “Majority of the Americans don’t have passports,” is correct. The US state dept. Estimates that cover only 42% of the total population possess a passport for international traveling. Meaning that most of them you only like to travel in… America.

According to Forbes, Miami, NY, California, and Texas top the list of highly preferred and loved American vacation destinations for the locals. In comparison, Japan and Mexico top the list for international travel destinations.


Regardless of the age and gender of travelers, the following five factors play an essential part in their travel plans and trips:

  • Friends and family
  • Relaxation
  • Food and Drink Options
  • Outdoor Spots
  • Upcoming events
  • Culture and history

Moreover, Americans usually begin to plan their trip not more than a month in advance—and women are more likely to play it safe while men tend to stretch their planning game to even one week before the trip. Another distinct American characteristic? The cheerful, bouncy walk. Yes, you can easily spot an American traveler by the way they walk and talk. Wine? Cocktails? Yes, but not too thematic like the British.

As travelers, Americans like to stay formal and are reasonably significant on respect, whereas, as tourists, they’re more friendly, engaging, and cheerful. Moreover, safety, hygiene, and security top their concerns—after all, they were the ones who put up Purell on sale!

Travel Attire

 An American traveler cruising in California

As one of the most fashion-forward fraternity, American travelers go big and bold on travel attire. A more natural preference is sneakers, shorts, a breezy tee, and some cool accessories—the spongy footwear with holes contribute to the American distinction.

Americans like to dress up thematically; girls love to show off their “vacation outfits,” while boys like to style themselves in chinos and fit blazers—the mainstay of American manhood.

Safari? Head to Toe Khaki.

Skiing? Get ready to be outdone with impeccable gear.

Summer Fun? Swimsuits with maximum coverage because of health concerns, duh!

Finally, anything for the hot season is strictly monogrammed, and speedos are considered a bit controversial for family trips.

Travel Resources: Yay or Nay?

Americans are huge lovers of travel resources. They’re always on the lookout for newer, updated, and more in-depth insights into their favorite travel destinations. Americans’ most excessively used travel resources include tips from friends, social media reviews, reviews sites, booking agencies’ websites, guides, and travel magazines.

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