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How Baggage Storage Operates in a Time of Crisis

How Baggage Storage Operates in a Time of Crisis

While the dramatic outbreak of the COVID-19 virus may have brought life to a standstill for the average citizen, essential businesses such as those related to the travel industry are still functioning, albeit with a much smaller workforce.

To stay in line with the rules and regulations set for the public health, airlines, airports, and other smaller businesses such as luggage storage companies have gone above and beyond to conduct their trade safely and securely.

Here at Cubby, we’re also following the hygiene and sanitation guidelines as dictated by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, because our business involves interacting with many people daily, we’re taking further steps of our own to ensure that our storage providers and customers stay safe.

How Cubby is Staying Safe

While international and domestic airlines have cut down on flight capacity temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic, TSA checkpoint data still shows more than a million travelers have gone through airport security in the last month, despite travel restrictions. For most, the purpose of traveling isn’t a leisurely trip, but business and necessities.

From government officials to health experts and patients traveling for medical treatment for pre-existing conditions, many are using this essential service so they can reach their destination safely. And airlines are taking steps to ensure traveler safety.

Nevertheless, because most are traveling at present so they can conduct their business and go back as quickly as possible, many are opting to leave their luggage with temporary storage providers. As such, Cubby is experiencing an uptick in demand for short-term luggage storage.

How Baggage Storage Operates in a Time of Crisis

At present, Cubby offers short-term luggage storage services in major travel hubs, including Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Galveston, Dallas, Boston, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Redwood City. It means that our storage providers cater to many clients, day in and day out.

So, to minimize exposure and to keep our clients and employees safe, we have implemented the following rules:

  • Online payments are mandatory. No paper money transactions will be made between either party
  • Clients are required to disinfect their luggage, before delivering it to the storage provider
  • Storage providers are required to wear disposable masks and gloves when handling the luggage and transporting to storage
  • Storage area needs to be disinfected and maintained regularly to prevent bacterial or viral transmission
  • All environmenHow Baggage Storage Operates in a Time of Crisists are required to be safe and hygienic for visitors and employees

The Takeaway

In short, we’re doing our best to keep things thoroughly sanitized. It’s only by following the rules that we will be able to manage the outbreak. The COVID-19 virus isn’t life-threatening but can be. It’s only by implementing small changes and sticking to them, that we can help one another out.

So, if you’re thinking of using Cubby, feel free to reach out to us!