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How Did “The Strip” in Vegas Come to Be?

How Did “The Strip” in Vegas Come to Be?

The Strip is the undisputed champion among Vegas’ many attractions. The most famous street in all of Vegas, it is also one of the world’s most photographed and visited locations in the world. It’s listed everywhere from Trip Advisor to CNN, and is one of the most recognizable American images. It also receives 41 million visitors every year!

We know it’s full of glitz and glamor, that it’s popular and globally recognized, but do we know how it actually began?

Nevada and Gambling

We can thank Martin Scorsese (Casino) and Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) for popularizing Vegas in the country’s collective imagination. One of the first states to legalize gambling, Nevada is to casinos what California is to cannabis. And the Strip is inextricably tied to this history.

It started in 1931, with Clark County issuing a gaming license for three months to a downtown club in Las Vegas. To the south, the Strip came into existence—just a desert road in the beginning.

How the Strip Flourished

The famous Flamingo hotel was one of the first sites to emerge. Gradually, Vegas became a vacation destination. The rich would fly in from all over the country, to rid themselves of their money—or add to it, depending on how well they gambled and how frugally they spent it. Blessed with far too many hotels to count, the Strip also boasts resorts and, of course, casinos. Some of the oldest—such as the Tropicana and the Riviera—are still operating.

How Did “The Strip” in Vegas Come to Be?

More attractions were added throughout the decades that followed. Among these, you have a convention center, the Mandalay Bay and Desert Inn, the Dunes, and more. Mega casinos and supremely luxurious hotels soon propped up as well, bringing new light to the desert. The Bellagio is one of these.

Vegas: Still Building, Still Changing

Even before the pandemic, Vegas was going through remarkable changes—this time, welcoming sports attractions. NFL stadiums and a Raiders’ football stadium are among some of the newcomers.

But no matter what the builders pump into Vegas, the Strip strips them all of their neophyte glory. The Strip remains—at least for the foreseeable future—the most famous avenue in Vegas.

Traveling to Vegas?

Whether you’re going there for business purposes, for a conference, or on state business, we’d highly recommend that you visit the Strip once. You don’t necessarily have to be interested in gambling or casinos to see the beauty of the Strip: who needs a reason to see the Bellagio fountains or the Fall of Atlantis?

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