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How Las Vegas Plans to Mandate Social Distancing Laws

How Las Vegas Plans to Mandate Social Distancing Laws

It’s time to prepare for the long haul!

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc and spread across the globe, almost all countries are changing general rules and are implementing social distancing laws to keep people safe. However, in major cities such as London, Mumbai, and Las Vegas, the situation is even stricter.

Because these cities receive more travelers per year than other parts of the world, most are mandating a series of rules to ensure that there is no threat of another pandemic to the general public, once it’s safer to go outside.

Taking the example of Las Vegas, here are some rules that are going to be set in place.

Social Distancing Guidelines in Las Vegas

Because of how widespread the outbreak is, it will take some time before Las Vegas is restored to its colorful, vibrant, busy glory.

For the most part, the lockdown has been lifted for some businesses. However, many are taking their time to resume operations because of how uncertain the situation is. Besides, others are delaying opening business because they’re adding newer rules.


Casinos are separating slot machines and are implementing a compulsory face-mask-and-glove policy for all dealers. Chips and cards will also be disinfected after every use. So far, there’s no news on larger events and conferences. Although most have been cancelled, some speculate that the limited occupancy rule will also be mandated for all events.

How Las Vegas Plans to Mandate Social Distancing Laws


Because of the overall lockdown, many businesses have refunded tickets and put all shows on hold. However, others have taken a smarter step by taking their classes online. Penn & Teller, who have hosted one of the longest-running shows in Vegas history, have taken their acts online, offering online courses on teaching the art of magic. Celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey and Steve Martin have also followed suit.


Restaurants and eateries are an essential business, so they are open during the lockdown. Nevertheless, given that food workers are most at risk of getting the COVID-19 virus due to exposure, all eateries have established a strict takeout and delivery option. As for high-end restaurants, many have also implemented a takeout and delivery service for limited menu items.

How Las Vegas Plans to Mandate Social Distancing Laws


Airports and airlines are adding newer guidelines on keeping people separated. Airlines are developing a process to skip seats, so there’s enough of a gap among passengers. For small businesses like Cubby that offer short-term luggage storage services in Las Vegas, we’ve also added new rules on social distancing, so there’s no risk for customers and storage providers.

Along with Las Vegas, we’ve implemented these rules for all other destinations we operate in, including Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Galveston, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Redwood City.


For now, it is estimated that the general public will need to maintain some form of social distancing until 2022. Though this ruling may seem difficult in the long run, the best way we can manage such distance is by keeping the end game in mind; creating a stronger, healthier, and safer world for all of us!