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How Lugging Can Make Your Arthritis Worse

How Lugging Can Make Your Arthritis Worse

More than 54 million people in the United States suffer from arthritis. One of the most common problems that adult American suffer from, arthritis is also one of the most painful. Among other things that arthritis is a hindrance to is travel—and that can be a terribly big problem.

Why Arthritis Makes Travel Difficult

A major part of traveling—even if it’s just from Houston to Austin—is taking care of your luggage. If your travel plans include sightseeing, you might have to carry all your luggage from one place to the next. This is tantamount to pulling and lifting heavy weights—which is bound to be painful for anyone who is suffering from arthritis.

It’s not like strength training, which is often recommended for people with arthritis. Bags are heavy weight that will be suspended from your arms or laden on your shoulders. This, added to walking for a long time, can put serious strain on your muscles and bones, making it al altogether nasty situation.

The Consequences

person with arthritis has knee pain

Pulling heavy loads is equivalent to inflicting strain on your joints, which can also lead to your joints being inflamed. You’re looking at muscle pain, joint pain, spasms, and fatigue in general. Not only is this bound to be generally painful and exhausting for you, but it can also be injurious to any ongoing arthritis treatment plans. One bad pull, and your doctor will have to start all over again. Try and put the least amount of pressure and strain on your already exhausted joints.

How to Travel Without Hurting

There is a way to have fun without making your arthritis hurt worse than it has in a long time—and this doesn’t involve a gag on our part telling you to “not travel at all.” All you need to do is avoid lugging—stop pulling on those heavy bags, and absolutely do not lift any heavy bags at all. What you can do, instead, is find luggage storage solutions to ensure your bags are safe and sound while you go about your travel itineraries.

Finding a Luggage Storage Solution

You need not look any farther than Cubby. Cubby is an on-demand luggage storage solution that allows you to leave your bags in a vetted, secure location near an airport or any other convenient destination of your choice. Our affordable rates of $5.99 per day per bag and $3.99 for additional days make our solution a far cheaper alternative to expensive hotels and motels. We have operations in several cities including Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.