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How to Have an Untethered Traveling Experience

How to Have an Untethered Traveling Experience

Most busy professionals are constantly under pressure to be organized, punctual and constantly producing, which can lead us to new heights of success but too much of it can also be exhausting.

That’s why it’s important that we leave behind our work habits when we go on vacation. With all the emphasis on budgeting, planning, sticking to schedules and sightseeing tours, even traveling can feel like work. That’s why you should rethink the way you travel to get a true sense of freedom.

Let Go of Your Inhibitions

Before traveling or planning a vacation, you have to let go of all your fears about it. Often, we’re so used to the comfortable and known that we tend to overthink and get nervous about the details. That’s why we end up over-planning and scheduling our vacations.

Instead, set your intention to control the things that need to be controlled and nothing more. Keep yourself open to ideas and just roll with the unknown factors.

Make a Loose Itinerary

We’re not saying you should let go completely! Instead, having an untethered traveling experience simply means not tying yourself down unnecessarily. Don’t skip on doing your research, instead you can make a loose itinerary for your time there.

The key here is to look at local favorites, prioritize based on your wishes rather than some online bucket lists and don’t overcrowd your day. Remember that even if you don’t get to every item on the list — it’s okay.

Focus on the Simple Pleasures

Rather than falling for tourist traps or believing that there are luxury experiences you must have, look for the more economical simple experiences you can have in whichever city you’re in.

For example, on the morning of your flight you could deposit your bags in a luggage storage in Las Vegas and instead of heading to one of those expensive breakfast buffets, you can head to M&M Soul Food Café for some affordable, simple Southern eats.

Go with the Flow

If things aren’t going your way, stop obsessing about it! Items in your list may not be working out, or you may not be able to catch the show you wanted; but you don’t have to worry or get upset about it. What’s done is done.

Move on to something that’s available to you instead and keep your vacation time free of heavy stress.

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Deposit your Luggage!

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