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How to Limit Exposure While Traveling

How to Limit Exposure While Traveling

Making travel plans during the COVID-19 outbreak might seem a little untoward. Yet, necessary travel plans for business or other essential reasons can’t be canceled or delayed. So, like a good soldier, you’re preparing for your short trip.

But, with the pandemic rearing its ugly head, how do you limit exposing yourself while traveling? Cubby has a few tips our storage providers have employed as well to stay safe.

Staying Safe During a Pandemic

– Do Not Travel Unless Necessary

Not just in the U.S., but across the world, governments have strongly advised against unnecessary travel. This includes visits and vacations. The best way of staying safe is not to go to any confined space that you’ll have to share with other people. However, if you absolutely must travel, it’s best to either use your private vehicle.

– Wear a Cloth Face Covering

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus resulted in a massive shortage of medical-grade and surgical masks as well as N-95 respirators. The CDC now recommends local citizens to wear a scarf, a cloth mask, or a bandana if they’re traveling. For those with a knack for sewing, you can make a cloth mask at home using cotton fabric and following the guide released by the CDC. However, for safety’s sake, it’s recommended that you have at least two options in cloth coverings.

How to Limit Exposure While Traveling

– Use Sanitizers and Sanitary Wipes

Wipe all the areas you’ll come into contact with, including the seat and the armrest.

While private transportation services are disinfecting their facilities, it’s best to have your equipment, for peace of mind. Experts recommend removing the clothes and shoes you wore on the plane and disinfecting them when you reach your destination. However, hand-washing has proven to be sufficient too.

– Get Your Boarding Pass on the Phone and Check-In

Checking in online not only helps avoid touching the airport kiosk machine, which many people may have used, it also prevents you from coming in contact with airport employees who may have to touch your printed boarding pass. This can help in limiting any transmission of germs between you two.

– Maintain Online Payments and Contactless Delivery

Let’s say you need short-term luggage storage service in Washington, D.C.

When using Cubby, we recommend paying online and letting our storage provider beforehand that you require contactless delivery. Our storage providers are taking all the steps to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, so all you’ll have to do is leave your luggage at their door, and they’ll take care of the rest. We only ask that you wipe your luggage with a disinfectant before placing it there. Once you have the Cubby Card, you can travel worry-free and hands-free.

Cubby is also operating in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Galveston, Dallas, Boston, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Redwood City.

How to Limit Exposure While Traveling

Traveling is risky right now. So, if necessary, travel while following the rules. And for the future, try your best to find an alternative so you won’t have to go out. At present, it’s all about staying home and staying safe!