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How to Minimize Luggage When Vacationing with Kids

How to Minimize Luggage When Vacationing with Kids

Traveling and vacationing are exciting. Packing, on the other hand? Not so much. No one likes packing, and not many people do it “right.” You only need to visit an airport and see the unreasonably long airport baggage lines and suitcases upon suitcases to know that. When you see people traveling solo with a full-sized carryon, two checked bags, and a personal item, you understand that they seemed to have lost the plot somewhere along their packing ordeal. You can only imagine the sad state of affairs for those traveling with their families.

The point of a vacation is to have a change of scene, not take your home with you. Not only will packing too much be a burden, but it will also cost you more.

We’ve prepared this piece to make your life easier. If you’ve booked a flight for a vacation with the kids, here are some great ways you can minimize your luggage for your trip.

Get Your Packing Right

In order to save space in your suitcase, you’ll need to pack your stuff the right way. Here’s how you do that:

  • Don’t fold your clothes; roll them
  • Wrap men’s belts inside the collar of shirts
  • Place shoes at the bottom of the suitcase, close to the wheels
  • Stuff socks and small items inside your shoes
  • Use glasses cases to store small items
  • Don’t use any small pouches like make-up bags and toiletry bags
  • Don’t pack bulky jackets and sweaters; wear them
  • Create a list of everything you’ll need and only pack those items
  • Never leave packing to the last minute.

A family vacationing at the beach.

Have a Luggage Storage Service Take Care of Your Stuff

One of the most convenient ways of unbagging, unburdening, and vacationing hassle-free is to let someone else babysit your luggage. They exist solely to keep your luggage safe and sound while you enjoy your trip.

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