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How to Plan a Non-Hangover-Style Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

How to Plan a Non-Hangover-Style Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

Not that you plan to go overboard or anything.

But knowing what the spirit of Las Vegas is about (and your friends’ knack for the weirdest shenanigans!) waking up with a face tattoo and a tiger in your hotel room, a la The Hangover, isn’t far from what you’re expecting on your bachelor weekend!

But remember, this is your bachelor weekend, a celebration of your union with the best person in the world.

So if you want a fun, adventurous weekend in Las Vegas that doesn’t end in a potential smackdown with Mike Tyson, there’s a way to do it!

A Note on Respecting Your Partner

You might think that it’s harmless fun to go to a gentleman’s club or gamble the night away. However, if your partner does not agree with this, respect that and make sure your friends do as well. Stay focused on the bigger goal here. You’re getting married, and this is a party. Forgoing your future happiness because you want to indulge in some questionable practices will have consequences.

Planning Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

– Book early

Las Vegas doesn’t have a slow season or off-peak time. Yes, winter is a bit quieter, but even then, tourists flock to the city when the weekend rolls around. Whether it’s the hotel room, luggage storage service, dinner reservations, experiences or activities, book all reservations and services early.

– Find Different Ways to Celebrate

How to Plan a Non-Hangover-Style Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

Going to clubs and throwing money at the craps table isn’t the only way to celebrate in Las Vegas. The city has more than enough experiences to last you a lifetime. So rather than risking your wallet or your partner’s wrath, opt for experiences that are exciting and exhilarating, but not dangerous to your health. Las Vegas-natives recommend the following:

  • Rent a “themed” suite at the Palms Casino Resort. If you intend to splurge and celebrate like a rock star, go for the Kingpin Suite.
  • Book the exclusive Top Gun Package with Sky Combat Ace and soar through the skies in a fighter jet
  • Race a Ferrari with Dream Racing on the Vegas Motor Speedway
  • Grab a jet ski at Lake Mead, the humanmade reservoir
  • Book a free fall with SkyJump(it’s an 829-feet jump where you can reach speeds of over 40MPH)

– Pack Light but Right

How to Plan a Non-Hangover-Style Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

Pack plenty of sunscreen, loose clothing, and comfortable shoes. If you’ve got a hat, throw it in as well. There aren’t any rules about clothing, so you can rock a basic jeans-and-t-shirt combo if you want.

Also, aside from the wardrobe, pack some antacids and any medication you take so there’s no emergency rush to the pharmacy after you double down on desert and cheese-covered pasta (sorry lactose sensitive folks).

– Opt for Affordable Luggage Storage Services if You Plan to Make it a Short Trip

You can’t take your bags everywhere! Instead, book a Cubber in Las Vegas for luggage storage and leave your things with them, safe and sound. And get in contact with them if you plan to extend your visit.

Not only will this resolve any storage issues, but it’ll keep you worry-free for the duration of your trip. No more worrying about whether you’ve left your backpack in a shop on the other side of Vegas!

Cubby offers services in Washington DC, Boston, Atlanta, Galveston, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, TX, just FYI if you’re ever in need!

How to Plan a Non-Hangover-Style Vegas Bachelor Party Weekend

Have Fun!

If you want a low-key vacation, just book a hotel room and have an experience at The Spa at Encore. Remember, this is your bachelor weekend, so party it the way you want to. Use this opportunity to have fun while staying within your partner’s good graces!

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