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How to Spend Your Valentine’s Day in Vegas When You’re Single

How to Spend Your Valentine’s Day in Vegas When You’re Single

Single and Vegas? Being in such a companionless state can be depressing for some—but not for you. On the bright side, you’re in Vegas! The fun never stops and the sun never sets in Vegas—or never comes out, if you’re one for the night life.

And what if we told you, there is no shame in being single? Newton died a virgin too. Let that sink in.

The Pros of Being Single

The affianced whip up their attachments into such a frenzy that we often forget about the blessings of being unwed and unwanted. For one, they are tethered. Bound. Almost shackled. Look around you in Vegas—look for the lovebirds. They’re easy to spot, because they’re all doing the same thing. They’re going out to cafes and buying roses. You are spending your money wisely by doing one of the following. . .

A Food Tour

fast food in vegas

Some companies in Vegas offer culinary tours of the city that is otherwise best-known for gambling and glamor. A tour of this sort ensures that you don’t have to wait in lines or stand for long hours. All you have to do is sing up for a culinary tour and eat your fill.

And you know the best part of taking a food tour in Vegas when you’re single? You don’t have to share your food! How great is that?

Explore the City’s History

Vegas always sounds like a very chic, very modern place to be in, but it has a vast, colorful history behind it. You can, with the help of companies that offer history tours, avoid the crowds and take a tour that’s exclusive, relaxing, and educational, all at the same time. You’ll get to see the Castle, Woodlawn Cemetery, the Old Mormon Fort, and more. You can also just grab a map and go—this way the tour is absolutely free, and you’re doing something not many think of doing in this historic city.

Take a Day Trip

If you’re stuck in Vegas and will be for some time, it’s natural that you should feel a little sick of the city. You have other options, though. A day trip to Boulder City or a road trip in the Nevada desert are both options that you can explore. Both these options are affordable and feasible. You can hire a luxury or sports car from one of the many such companies offering them in Vegas.

And While You’re Taking that Trip . . .

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