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How You Can Experience the World in Washington D.C.

How You Can Experience the World in Washington D.C.

For years now, Washington D.C. has been among one of the most diverse cities in the country. In fact, it moved further up in the list of such cities in 2018. And it’s not too difficult to see why. Go out in Washington D.C. for a day, and you’ll realize that the city is indeed home to a whole plethora of peoples, nationalities, ethnicities, races, languages, foods, and whatnot. It’s a change for the better, because anyone, anywhere in the United States, wishing to experience other cultures and mingle with a cosmopolitan crowd can simply go to Washington D.C.!

The Tourism Factor

One of the major contributors to Washington D.C.’s place as a multicultural city is the tourist-centric disposition of the city. Being the capital of the United States, it is perfectly crafted to attract tourist attention. The city keeps hitting new records for both domestic and international visitors.

Among the inexhaustible tourist options that the city offers, the Smithsonian Museums spring most readily to mind. There are, moreover, the historic landmarks and cultural heritage sites that attract people. Names such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln have a worldwide following and it’s no wonder that people come to the capital to pay their respects to said personalities.

White House

Additionally, there are lakes and statues and political buildings—buildings like the White House that feature very heavily on the global stage. As a result, most people end up coming to visit the capital as tourists and eventually plan to settle down.

And They Bring Their Cultures Along

As will always be the case with immigrants, they don’t just adapt to the cultures of the place they move to. They also bring their own cultures along, and a mesh begins to form. Any person living in or visiting Washington D.C. can run across any number of ethnicities at any time of the year.

A great example of this heterogeneous cultural landscape is the sheer number of diverse restaurants, eateries, catering services and food trucks that you can find in the capital. From Chinese to Indian and from Lebanese to Syrian, the cultures of the world all come to meet in this American city. In a day, you can taste spicy Indian food, talk to a man from Turkey, and take a Chinese cat back home—it’s the world condensed into a single place!

Why This Is Good For You

This is actually great for you because if you’re down in the capital for a conference or are passing through, you can have a multicultural adventure of your own. To secure your bags for cheap in a safe place, book a convenient location with Cubby beforehand. You can do it online; all you have to do is login! We have luggage storage locations in Houston, Washington D.C., San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Galveston, Atlanta, Boston, Austin, Las Vegas.

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