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Is it Easy Finding a Hotel in Washington D.C During Christmas Season?

Is it Easy Finding a Hotel in Washington D.C During Christmas Season?

It isn’t.

That’s it—two words. But while that answers the question, it doesn’t explain why, and doesn’t tell you what you can do about it. And that’s why we’re writing this blog for you!

All Booked

People usually head to places like DC and Boston for the Christmas holidays, since these cities look like winter wonderlands once the snow begins falling. Naturally, hotels are almost always fully booked as a result, and you’ll have a hard time finding affordable or reliable options. Unless you booked way ahead in advance, that is.


Washington DC

Hotels are pricey as a rule—and get even pricier around Christmas. The Trump Hotel, for instance, once increased their fare around Christmas time by 13 times—that is insane!

If you are on a budget, and even if you aren’t staying at one of Trump’s hotels, you might find these prices difficult to manage.

But don’t forget that there are always cheaper options. If you can compromise a little on the glam, you can find good, affordable options that are a little far from the Smithsonian and Capitol regions—so you’ll be spending some time walking and commuting instead. You’ll still end up saving money, though.

What to Do When You’re Out of Options

We understand why you might be on the fence about not staying in cheaper hotels. They aren’t exactly as great or as promising as those that come with higher tags and better prices. These cheaper hotels are also a lot less safe, with there being higher chances of your stuff getting stolen or “going missing.”

Here’s an alternative:

Go for the cheaper hotel—no, hear us out. Go for the cheaper hotel, but don’t leave your luggage with them if you’re going out to get some Christmas fun or shopping. Instead, utilize a luggage-storage service to make sure your valuables are where they need to be: that is, in safe hands.

Finding a Luggage-Storage Service in DC

Looking for an affordable, reliable luggage-storage space in DC that isn’t too far from where you’re staying? Check out Cubby. We have multiple locations in multiple cities including Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio. You can leave your luggage with us for merely $5.90 per bag, per day.

Not only this, but our website and online booking method make it easy for you to figure out which of our locations is nearest to you so that you can book one according to your own convenience!