Is Texas Really How They Show It in the Movies?

Is Texas Really How They Show It in the Movies?

Cowboys and cowgirls, Stetson hats, country music, desert lands, a whole lot of dedication to football, and some healthy passion for Jesus thrown in—if you think of the state of Texas, this is the image that typically comes to mind, mostly thanks to movies and music!

But how much of it is actually true?

Cubby asked resident Cubbers from Texas to give us some information on what they know Texas to be!

1. Texas and Football Have a “Special” Relationship


Okay, football is a necessary part of the life of any Texas native. We’ve got the Cowboys and we’ve got the Texans. And depending on where you are, it’s pretty easy to tell who you’re rooting for.

We love college football too, especially the Texas Longhorns. So, if you want to take part in a proper festival of happiness and cheer and healthy competition, coming to a football game is the way to go.

2. Not All of Us are Cowboys and Cowgirls


Sure, there are still people who take part in these activities, but given that more than 88 percent of people live in a Metropolitan area, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a Texan in a Stetson hat herding cattle from one stop to the next. Unless you’re watching the Annual Rodeo!

3. We Love All Music, Not Just Country Music


Texas has a thriving music scene that covers all genres of the art including country music! In fact, Texas is responsible for giving the world some of the most talented musicians of our generation—Selena, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Beyoncé, the list goes on. From hip hop to rap to some dulcet country songs, we have everything you’d like.

4. Food is a Special Passion for Us


Food in Texas does have a tendency to deliver more than what’s expected. But that’s just because we love to go all out with the flavor and zest. In fact, because Texans love food so much, we’ve taken a turn toward healthy foods as well. So you get a bit of everything you want. Austin is even considered a vegan food lover’s paradise.

5. Fashion in Texas Mostly Involves Cowboy Boots, Because We Have Good Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

Texas has great quality boots available so you can’t blame us for wearing them wherever needed. However, you won’t see us wearing them for any occasion. Most residents only wear cowboy boots for special events and occasions.

We also don’t wear any full-on cowboy-esque gear unless you’re in Austin where people love showing off their Texan roots!

Haven’t Been to Texas?

We have fashion, food and fun galore! So why plan a short weekend trip to a popular city in the state?

Use Cubby for affordable luggage storage, leave your stuff with a reliable Cubber and explore the cities next time you’re anywhere in Texas! See for yourself how faithful the movies have been to the true Texas experience!

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