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Is the Mandalay Bay Any Good for a Casino Night?

Is the Mandalay Bay Any Good for a Casino Night?

People planning their trips to Vegas are always asking about Mandalay Bay. What’s the casino like? What will it cost me? Should I stay there? What about the mass shooting that happened there some years ago? Is it safe? Well, it was certainly very tragic, but it was years ago. And the establishment has stepped up security since then.

We think their casino is perfectly first-rate. You have everything from table games to slots and from poker to amazing rewards being offered there.

But your questions do deserve more detailed answers than that.

Here’s Why We Think You’ll Love the Mandalay Bay

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it covers a lot of ground:

  • There’s a Bayside buffet full of scrumptious food that you can gorge on
  • There’s a shark aquarium with 12 kinds of sharks staring right into your soul, bringing back all that Jawsnostalgia from your childhood
  • The nightclubs have resident DJs!
  • There’s a huge spa for those who wish to cool off and unwind

So to answer the original question: is Mandalay Bay any good? We think it’s very good!

Mandalay Bay: The Cons

Is the Mandalay Bay Any Good for a Casino Night?

As good as Mandalay Bay is, no place is without its cons. And the Mandalay, with its globally-known brand and name, is no affordable establishment. It boasts large, spacious rooms with beautiful bathrooms—but these rooms also come with a large bill attached to them. Other things that would count as cons are:

  • Long queues—you might have to wait some time for service
  • The pools, although beautiful, are pretty crowded
  • The fitness center is amazing, but you’ll have to pay separately for it
  • Other attractions on the Strip are kind of far away if you’re at Mandalay Bay
  • The resort is certainly very good and is fun for the family, but there’s a daily fee, and it can get kind of tough on your pocket

Saving Money: Luggage Storage Options

We understand if you wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting Mandalay Bay if you’re in Vegas. It’s pretty well-known, and not just in Vegas, but throughout the world. However, if you think you might have your savings and traveling funds compromised by staying there, there are ways to bypass the expensive Bay rooms.

Find more affordable accommodations and avoid staying at their resort or in their rooms. You can still visit their casino and have the fun time that you deserve in Sin City. And for your luggage storage options, there’s Cubby.

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