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Is Visiting Vegas Only for the Rich?

Is Visiting Vegas Only for the Rich?

Of course, the rich have it significantly better than the rest of us, but does that mean you can’t enjoy Vegas as well as them? As it turns out, unless you’re thinking about eating at Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin star restaurant, you actually can get the best of Vegas on the tightest of budgets.

Here’s how.

Planning Ahead

While capitalism and consumerism may get a bad rap, but there are times of the year when you can take advantage of all kinds of sales and discounts. Companies will often clear out their existing stock or will want to ramp up sales once they have new inventory lined up, and that’s where you come in.

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, you can get good deals by planning ahead. Find out when the stores will have their biggest sales of the year, and go then.

Saving on Commute

Why spend a few dollars taking a taxi from your hotel to the Strip when you can walk? Most Vegas hotels are near or around the Strip, and are only a stone’s throw away from the main city. All you need is a good pair of legs.

Besides, it’s good for your health. Think of it as not skipping leg day.

Eating Street Food

street food Vegas

Sure, eating at a fancy café is great for your Instagram, but the likes and comments on your social media aren’t paying for the extravagance. We’d suggest you dump overpriced tacos and coffee and head straight for the food trucks. Not only is the food much cheaper, but it’s also in larger qualities, and tastes amazing. Besides, with creative vision, you can turn any street food into pretty social media fare. And when all else fails, use filters!

Smart Storage Solutions

Finally, why rent a room in an expensive hotel when all you have to do is store your luggage? You can do just as well in a luggage storage location that’s specifically meant for this purpose. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a hotel when you can get by with just $5.90 and store your baggage in one of Cubby’s luggage storage locations in Vegas.

This move will help you save money that you can spend in extending your Vegas stay. Cubby’s operations are offered in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.