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KonMari Packing: A Simple Guide

KonMari Packing: A Simple Guide

Have you ever finished packing for your vacation, or repacked after your trip was over and realized you overpacked by a lot? Organized and minimalistic packing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially since there are two elements to it involved: decision making and the actual act of organizing your items.

However, Marie Kondo, the famous reality TV organizing consultant has some essential tips on how to accomplish this. Not only does her technique teach you to fold and organize properly, it also helps you make the difficult decisions on what to take in the first place.

Part 1: Getting Everything Together

The first thing you should be doing is creating a big pile of stuff to sieve through. On her show, the first thing she does is pull all the clothes out of the closet and pile them up. Similarly, you should walk around your house and get everything that you want to take out.

However, to do it methodically, do this process via categories. Start with shirts, then pants, dresses, underwear, footwear and then accessories, toiletries, or any other extra items you may need.

Part 2: Does it Spark Joy?

The next step is to narrow it down. You already picked out things without really thinking about it. Now, you need to browse through them and ask yourself two questions. The first is, does it spark joy? When you envision your vacation or trip do you feel happy using this item in that context? If not, discard!

The second question is whether it’s practically useful. After all a vacation to Boston in November isn’t really the best time to pack shorts and flip flops.

Part 3: KonMari Folding Secrets

The next step is folding. Now this can get tricky, but there are plenty of online tutorials that you can watch to nail the method. She utilizes the natural curves and creases in every article to create perfect little squares that she then stacks side by side.

This method takes way less space and preserves the ironing of your clothes. Additionally, you’ll never have to rummage through piles of clothing again, as this method gives you easy access to all your items.

A woman opens a suitcase on a bed and takes out a shirt.

Part 4: Compartmentalizing and Organizing

The last bit of KonMari advice is to be organized and have a compartmental structure. This step is really about you and your needs. For example, a casual beach vacation means you should probably stack all your tops in one place and your bottoms in another.

However, if you’re going out of town for a convention or conference, you may want to organize your suitcase by outfit. Plan and prepare your outfits by day and stack them accordingly. This optimizes your time while you’re there.

There you have it; the four basic steps to KonMari-ing your suitcase. However, even with the considerably lighter load you’ll be carrying, you may need to deposit your bags somewhere temporarily.

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