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Las Vegas, Nevada: Road Trip Secrets You’re Going to Need

Las Vegas, Nevada: Road Trip Secrets You’re Going to Need

Whenever someone’s looking for a scenic American road trip, they look no further than Nevada. Its picturesque winding roads go on and forever, simply waiting for your wheels to hit the road.

But what most people don’t understand is that Nevada isn’t just desert and road. There’s Las Vegas, of course, but there’s so much more too. From the roadside attractions to the many secrets, there’s just so much to explore.

But do you know where to look?

Wait and Watch the Desert Come Alive

A lot of people think that Nevada is just desert—a barren road surrounded by more barren land, right? Nope.

If you’re patient and willing to make stops every now and then, you can actually watch some of the most glorious sunsets rising from behind a field of thorny cactus fields. It’s a beautiful sight.

And if it’s the rugged terrain of the Loneliest Highway that you’re seeing the sun going down behind, you’re in for a treat!

The Fiery Fire State Park

The Fire State Park is known for its red rock formations—petroglyphs as old as 2,000 years staring you right in the face.

If you’re lucky, you can watch them get bathed in the sunlight and come alive with a crimson fire. These geological formations glow and glint in the twilight like magical obelisks—and it’s the same sight your human ancestors from 2,000 years ago marveled at. It’s a lesson in appreciating the passage of time.

Strange Encounters

 sign reading Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada

It’s no secret that Nevada is home to the infamous Extraterrestrial Highway (yes, it’s named that). It’s also called Route 375 at times. And yes, this is where Area 51 is located—which was, at one point, the Pentagon’s worst-kept secret (everyone knew something fishy was going on).

This is an interesting road trip option wherein you can see hilarious signboards and buildings, all letting you know that you’re now in extraterrestrial territory. Now, we can’t guarantee if you’ll feel alienated here, but it’s a definitely a risk worth taking.

Watching the Great Galaxy from the Great Basin

The Great Basin National Park gives you an opportunity like no other: that is, to lay back and look up at the sky, right at the galaxy you live in. On nights when the sky is clear of cloud and smog, the stars glitter in their many millions, presenting a picture of pure tranquility and beauty.

Visiting Nevada?

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