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Luggage Essentials for Interstate Travel

Luggage Essentials for Interstate Travel

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 94% of all personal transportation in the United States is used to travel via the highways. And it’s not just out of necessity that people use the highways.

Used mostly for interstate travel, the highways have now become some of America’s busiest venues—thanks to studies that show how beneficial traveling is for health. People have started looking into other modes of travel and transportation between states and are now ensuring that they have a good time in multiple cities for maximum entertainment through minimal effort.

And one of the aspects of interstate travel—especially if you’re trying to avoid excessive and unnecessary spending—is packing the right luggage.

Clothing and Footwear

Clothing and Footwear

Casual clothes go first, then the undergarments, and then of course, the shoes. If it’s cold, make sure you’ve got woolen and warm items packed. If it’s hotter, breezy clothes are your friend.

Remember always to carry multiple changes of clothes, even if you’re only going somewhere for a day.

Organize your suitcase to save space. If you’re carrying snow or rain boots, make sure that your heaviest pair is on your feet while you’re traveling. And don’t forget the flip-flops!


Bringing your own toiletries is essential to saving the small costs that combine to become a menace later in your travels.

Get a small bag to throw all your toiletries in, from sunscreen to makeup and from the toothbrush to birth control pills. Tweezers, bandages, sanitary pads, razor blades, medication—everything goes inside.

If you’re carrying liquids, make sure they’re in small bottles and packed tight inside a plastic zip-top. You should be particularly careful with liquids if you’re traveling by air.


When traveling, you might be forgiven for forgetting your tweezers and your undies, but there are some things you’ll have a hard time doing without: such as your important documents and cash, your ID, your phone and charger, credit cards, insurance cards, your prescription, etc. Always double-check these forget-me-nots, because a stitch in time will save nine.

Other Essentials

Other things that you should pack include an umbrella (especially if you’re going to Kansas, because that place has treacherous weather), stain remover, gum, eye mask, earplugs, and something to eat. Additionally, always keep a card or a piece of paper with your personal and contact details inside the bag. This comes handy in the event that you lose your bag—because if you do lose your bag and a stranger find it, they’ll have no way of knowing who the bag with the L’Oréal sunscreen belongs to.

How to Not Lose Your Bag

It’s easy: you leave your bags somewhere reliable. And if you’re in Houston, Washington D.C., San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Galveston, Atlanta, Boston, Austin, Las Vegas. Cubby can provide you the ultimate storage solution.

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