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Luggage Storage Atlanta | Cubby

Luggage Storage Atlanta | Cubby

A business trip to Atlanta might have you spend a day or two in the city. Don’t fret, the city has lots to offer to entertain after you windup your busy day. But carrying your work luggage around the city is no fun. Cubby offers on-demand short term luggage storage in Atlanta. In other words, we babysit your bags while you have fun.

Why Cubby Luggage Storage?

Cubby revolutionizes the age-old luggage storage service in Atlanta and other major cities by partnering with local businesses in prominent locations. Also, we take the safety and security of your belongings very seriously. That’s why we came up with unique coded and tamper-proof bag seals. We also provide insurance for every bag stored with us. We are proud to be the most affordable luggage storage in Atlanta. Our prices are $5.90 per day for luggage and $3.90 for any additional days. Watch a short video on how the bag and luggage storage works.

We are operating in 8 cities. Dallas, Fort-Worth, Washington-DC, Houston, Austin, Galveston and expanding to other cities rapidly.

About Atlanta:

The capital city of Georgia takes excessive pride in its cultural history and flourishing art scene. Atlanta is home to the renowned World of Coca Cola where you get to taste 60 different samples of Cola. Also, don’t miss out on their pop culture gallery. Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquaria in the world possibly possess the largest marine life collection in the country. Fox theater that hosts artists from all over the world is also located in the heart of Atlanta. Moreover their organ show ‘ The Mighty Mo’ is the second-largest theater organ in the world.

Fun Facts:

  1. You will have a hard time finding the correct Peach street since there are more than 70 streets named ‘ Peach Tree ‘ in Atlanta
  2. Atlanta has the busiest airport in the world since it is only three hours flight from other big cities in the US.
  3. Be mindful if you love ice creams since it is illegal to put ice cream in the back pocket. lol.
  4. If you are an aspiring actor you have an alternative in Atlanta since it is the third in film production. Also, lots of television shows are produced in the city.
  5. Its a no surprise that Coca Cola was invented in Atlanta in 1886, hence the company has opened for a fun pack tour in the city.

Cubby Offers luggage Storage in other cities: