Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

The weather is finally warming up, and so is Las Vegas!

Peak time for some good ol’ fashioned fun, March in Vegas is a time of celebration. St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, NASCAR, concerts—there’s so much to see and so little time!

If you’re coming to Vegas in March and want to have the best time of your life, here are some events you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

– Catch a Concert

Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

Lionel Richie, Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars, Robbie Williams, Shania Twain—there’s a genre and an artist for everyone.

Spread throughout the month of March, these concerts are going to beyond memorable if you’re a fan. But even if you’re not a music person, experiencing a concert in Las Vegas will get you in the spirit of dancing and letting loose—the energy is positively electric!

– Have a Drink at the Boulder City Beerfest

Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

The Boulder City Beerfest takes place in Wilbur Square Park and features unlimited beer samples, an outdoor venue with a gorgeous view, and a series of food trucks to keep you satisfied.

A little outside of Las Vegas but definitely worth it if you love a cold one, this festival is the place to be if you have friends tagging along. So lighten your load by leaving any heavy bags or equipment using Cubby in Las Vegas and head on down.

– Watch the Water Lanterns in Sunset Park

Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

Taking place on March 14th, the Water Lantern Festival is perfect for families and couples who are looking to just have a good time. But you get more than you bargained for, because it can be breathtaking.

For the price of admission, you get a chance to create your own lantern and launch it in the water. With tons of activities, music, and plenty of great food, the Water Lantern Festival perfectly captures the essence of the beautiful things communities can do when they come together!

– Laugh the Night Away at a Comedy Show

Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

Get ready for the likes of Tracy Morgan, Jeff Dunham, Bill Maher, and Tom Segura. From puppet comedy to meta-humor about the weather, you can experience comedy at its peak in Vegas.

Just make sure you don’t go on a full stomach; we don’t want you to be bowled over in pain as you laugh!

– Bet during March Madness

Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

The stage is set for the NCAA College Basketball Tournament 2020. With some of the best clubs and bars preparing for March Madness, take this time to bet on your favorite team and spend your time watching the match with other football fans in any of the hotels and bars on The Strip.

Let Loose on St. Patrick’s Day

Must-See 2020 March Events in Las Vegas

As if locals needed another reason to party! With St. Paddy’s Day on the horizon, all the hotels up and down The Strip are preparing to welcome a slew of customers who’re determined to have a rowdy, wild weekend.

Go on a pub crawl in Vegas or attend a concert before making your way to any of the amazing hotels in the city for dinner.

Get Excited!

Las Vegas is ready to welcome you with open arms this March. So start preparing for your vacation. And if you ever need luggage help, use Cubby so you can explore the city without carrying heavy bags!

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