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Packing Your Luggage for a Texas Trip

Packing Your Luggage for a Texas Trip

Everything’s a bit bigger, wilder and louder in Texas! Though, your luggage doesn’t have to be it.

If this is your first time visiting Texas, then we’d recommend you pack as light as possible. For starters, you won’t need to pack many winter clothes even if you’re traveling through late fall. That’s because the weather is pretty warm and predictable on this side of the country. The average temperature here stays at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It only crosses the 100 degree mark in the peak summer season.

Apart from packing weather-appropriate clothes, there are a handful of more things you should consider when packing luggage for your Texas trip. Here are some of our trusty tips!

1. Don’t Forget to Pack a Pair of Pants!

Texas is warm on most days of the year, but that doesn’t mean you should only fold shorts into your suitcase. Some evenings can be chilly and just generally, if you decide to head to an upscale dining place, you’ll need something slightly more formal. It doesn’t have to be super formal, though. You can wear denim jeans or cotton trousers. You should also consider bringing in a dress for both, day and evening wear.

2. Pack Light Tops

For casual wear, you can opt for a couple of short-sleeved T-shirts or blouses and a light jacket for outings on those cooler nights. When it comes to formal events, you should have some long-sleeved shirts with you too.

3. Make Sure Your Shoes are Comfortable

You might be tempted to do all your shoe shopping in Texas, but it’s better that you get at least one pair of sneakers from home. Worn-in shoes are usually more comfortable and make walking or hiking a lot easier. Don’t forget to get a pair of sandals too, in case you’re hitting the beach to cool off in the day time.

4. Take Your Medicines with You

If you’re already taking medication for an existing ailment, make sure you take enough of them to last you throughout the trip. Don’t count on refilling your medicine in Texas—not that you won’t be able to do it here, but because it’s always safer and less of a hassle when you have all your medicines handy.

5. Travel-Size Everything

When it comes to packing luggage, nobody wants to tow a heavy suitcase around. You can effectively offset the heavy weight of your bags by packing everything in smaller sizes and portions. This makes packing easier and leaves more room for any souvenirs you’ll pick up along the way!

What to Do When Your Luggage is Heavier than You Anticipated?

What to Do When Your Luggage is Heavier than You Anticipated?

Despite all the preparations and light packing tips, carrying multiple bags around town can get hectic and feel restrictive.

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