Planning Campus Tours: The Top 3 Colleges to Visit When Touring Boston

Planning Campus Tours: The Top 3 Colleges to Visit When Touring Boston

When it comes to the leading colleges in the United States, Boston is considered a hub of excellent academic education. The city houses some of the best educational institutes in the country that offer advanced undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Planning to go on campus tours in Boston? Here are the top 3 colleges you absolutely need to visit.


As one of the leading Ivy League schools in the United States, Harvard University has produced some of the finest leaders, activists, lawyers, media professionals, and politicians the country has seen. Your trip to Boston won’t be complete without touring this prestigious institution.

Tour groups for Harvard comprise 15–100 participants, depending on the type of tour you’re going for. You can also get a discount if you choose to travel with a public school group in Massachusetts. The student-led tours commence at the Harvard Information Center and cover the many buildings and notable areas within campus grounds. Feel free to ask any questions you may have along the way!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When it comes to engineering programs, MIT tops the list. As one of the leading colleges in the US, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has some of the best academic programs focusing on science and research. Only the most talented and gifted students make it through the rigorous admission process, which gives you all the more reason to visit the campus and learn more about the college.

Campus tours at MIT are 75 minutes long and are led by current students. You can request a private group tour or opt for one of the standard ones which accommodate up to 50 people at a time. The campus tours cover a bunch of buildings including the Kresge Auditorium, Zesiger Athletic Center, and the Stratton Student Center.

Planning Campus Tours: The Top 3 Colleges to Visit When Touring Boston

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music is every aspiring musician’s dream university. Offering education in music genres that are generally not the focus of academic programs in other colleges, it’s the largest independent college in the world to emphasize contemporary music. In addition to contemporary music and other genres, the college also focuses on dance and theater.

Berklee’s urban Boston campus makes the list of top colleges to visit in the city. Campus tours are offered year-round and are led by students. You can book a tour between Monday and Friday and get the chance to learn more about the diverse programs, majors, and instrument departments there. While walk-ins are accepted at for Berklee campus tours, we strongly suggest you make a reservation beforehand!

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