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Planning Your Travel Budget: How to Not Go Broke

Planning Your Travel Budget: How to Not Go Broke

Domestic travelers in the U.S., every year, spend some $972 billion on travel expenses. That sure does sound like quite a lot. And while it’s true that airfare and other particulars are expensive, we usually take these expenses for granted.

It’s come to the point where people now believe that travel is expensive per se—and that there’s no way around going broke when you’re traveling.

What if we told you that isn’t true?

Make a List

Budgeting for a trip is all about knowing where you’re going to spend your money. While it’s all nice to have a go-with-the-flow mindset, you can’t really put up with that wishy-washy buffoonery unless you have an unbreakable bank balance.

 person makes a travel list

Until then, you’ll have to rely on making lists, planning, identifying your priorities and big-budget items, reserving a sum of money aside, and making sure you aren’t over-spending.

A good way of ensuring your trip doesn’t suck your bank dry is to reserve an amount of money that you have planned to spend on the trip—and not go one penny over.

Be Wise About Your Food Choices

Places like Vegas and D.C. can easily lure you into dining out at one of the more high-end places that they have to offer, but as good as the food tastes, there’s also this: the food there is expensive. Now while it’s completely fine to try and dine in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant down in Vegas, you might want to restrict that to a one-time thing.

Our suggestion? Stick to street food. You won’t find food that’s more economical and more delicious than the stuff you’ll find on road stalls.

Save Upon Unnecessary Expenses

Many times, our travel gigs and trips take up a lot of our money without us even realizing we’re spending on the wrong things. So, let’s say you’re in Vegas for the night, you’re flying out in the morning, and you have no reason to pay for another night at a hotel, but you still do—because what about the bags?

Now, to many people, this might sound like a necessary evil, but what if we told you it’s avoidable? What if we told you there’s a way you can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on hotel rooms and pay just $5.90 per day per bag for luggage storage instead?

Don’t believe us?

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