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Preparing for the Day: How Locals Celebrate MLK Day in Las Vegas

Preparing for the Day: How Locals Celebrate MLK Day in Las Vegas

Like most of the country, Las Vegas celebrates MLK Day—or Martin Luther King Jr. Day—in spirit, taking the great activist’s words to heart, and finding ways to show the community that we all stand together, for diversity and unity!

But given that this is Las Vegas we’re talking about, you know that locals will take things a little further, by combining this important day with some fun and revelry.

So if you’re going to Las Vegas for MLK Day, here are some things you should know about celebrating it like the locals!

– Visit the MLK Parade

Especially if you have children, the MLK parade is a great opportunity for you to teach them about the Civil Rights Movement and King’s work.

Featuring schools, churches, political, and business organizations, the MLK Day Parade showcases his work for people’s rights.

So you can be sure that it’s going to be an enlightening, educational experience.

– Participate in a Day of Service

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is regarded as a national day of service; it is the only federal holiday surrounding the event.

Taking place on January 15th, this event brings people together so they can provide their communities with the strength and support they need. With multiple events hosted on the day, all you have to do is search for the nearest one that needs volunteers and go help.

– Take Care of the Environment

Volunteers can also help create a better environment by taking part in outdoor community clean-ups.

Hosted by organizations such as Get Outdoors Nevada, volunteers pick up trash, clear debris, and sweep areas to create a friendlier, clean environment. Think of it as your way of helping the earth and its people!

– Attend the Annual Scholarship Banquet

A fundraising event hosted to assist students who want to attend college through scholarship programs, the Annual Scholarship Banquet in Las Vegas takes place after the MLK parade, on January 25th, 2020.

A wonderful occasion for those who want to do their part in helping the future generation thrive, this banquet offers tickets for just $150.00, and is a great event if you want to network with like-minded individuals.

Taking place at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, this banquet is based on one of Dr. King’s goals: spreading awareness about the importance and purpose of education.

Preparing for the Day: How Locals Celebrate MLK Day in Las Vegas

Can’t Attend all the Events in Las Vegas?

Book the services of a luggage storage provider in Las Vegas, and attend the one event that you feel speaks to you most. Even in small ways, we can help further the ideas that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached, of being one with the community, and celebrating our rights as free people!

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