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Relaxation Tips for Your Next Trip to Pacific and Mission Beach

Relaxation Tips for Your Next Trip to Pacific and Mission Beach

Mission and Pacific Beaches have gained their fame through their attractiveness, convenience, and sheer beauty. A popular spot in San Diego, you can always find bikini-clad ladies and talented surfers at the beach. Always brimming with locals and tourists alike, these beaches are a great place to relax if you’re in San Diego.

And if you have no idea how one can relax on a beach, we’ve got ideas.

Why are Beaches so Relaxing?

You might have heard a lot of people say that the beaches are good for them. Locals in any beach location love heading down to these places to “cool off the heat.” And there’s science behind the idea that beaches are relaxing.

There’s a reason Hawaii is always ranked among one of the happiest places in the United States—according to the annual Gallup Polls, at least. People who live next to the ocean are usually more peaceful and more relaxed.

beach waves

Psychologists say it may be because of the color blue. Watching water lap against the shore can actually have an impact on your brain. It makes you relax just as if you were meditating—that’s because it’s rhythmic.

Then again, you have fresh air and natural scenery around you—both of which are good for your wellbeing.

Relaxing on a Beach

If you’re in San Diego and on a beach, here’s what we suggest you should do:

  • Turn off your phone. Unless you’re waiting for an important call. Leave social media alone for an hour and just enjoy the nature around you.
  • Lie back. Assume a relaxed posture, you’ll feel naturally calm.
  • Stare at the sea. We’ve already said it works.
  • Look at the sunset. Wait for it to set if you have the time to spare. You won’t regret it.
  • Eat light. Beaches aren’t the place for something heavy. If you’re heading there, make sure you have eaten something light.
  • Wear the right clothes. Don’t wear something oppressive. You’re trying to relax, remember?

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