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Revisiting History:3 Las Vegas Landmarks

Revisiting History:3 Las Vegas Landmarks

Once home to mafias worldwide, Las Vegas has a rich history that may not be directly relevant to organized crime but is in the very fabric of some landmarks.

So, drop your luggage off at one of our luggage storage lockers, and head off to the following sites for a closer look at the past that shapes the present of this vibrant city.

1. Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

The Golden Gate Casino was founded in 1906 as Hotel Nevada and was the casino that paved the way for the ones that followed.

As the first gambling establishment and hotel in the city, Golden Gate has remained unchanged while the landscape around it has gotten more developed and populated.

Fun Fact: 10 of the hotel’s original rooms exist and are open for booking to this very day.

2. Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is a place where history is preserved to its last lawless point. A short 10-minute walk from the Golden Gate Hotel, this museum used to be a federal court that condemned many outlaws at the turn of the last century.

It boasts many exhibits like the 100 years of Made Men: a wall display of the most notorious gangsters, and Massacre Wall: a piece of the wall forever marked with blood on St. Valentine’s Day in 1929 when seven gangsters were lined up along it and shot dead at close range.

In case it wasn’t clear, exhibits at this multi-storied museum are not for the faint of heart, but they do hold a morbid allure that even the most delicate audience would find irresistible.

Fun Fact: Booking one of the original rooms at the Golden Gate Hotel gets you free passes to the Mob Museum.

The Golden Gate Casino Sign and Building

3. Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is located right on the border of Nevada and Arizona. It was built during the Great Depression by over 21,000 construction workers. The interesting thing about this dam: it pioneered Boulder City, initially built for the express purpose of housing over 5,000 workers and their families.

Moreover, construction on this dam was completed well before the deadline and within budget parameters. It’s such a roaring success that it provides power to present-day Nevada, California, and Arizona.

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