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Revisiting Home Alone: Christmas, Travel, and Nostalgia

Revisiting Home Alone: Christmas, Travel, and Nostalgia

Macaulay Culkin is 30—feel old yet?

While the titular kid from Home Alone revisited the cult classic lately, we all know nothing will beat the original. Every Christmas, thousands of families will still be binging these memorable movies—but what makes them so great?

Why is Home Alone Such a Timeless Classic?

Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s just one of those things we grew up with—but nostalgia can be a strong motivator. The funny thing about watching movies like Home Alone is that they act like a wormhole—art has a way of doing that. You feel as if you’re transported through time to that Christmas you spent with your parents as a child, happily unwrapping gifts and putting out cookies.

That’s what makes Home Alone such a memorable movie: it’s a wormhole, and it gives you a chance to revisit some of your fonder memories from years past.

When we grow up, we also grow distant—distant from our parents, and friends, and things we once loved. For some of us, the bridge between then and now is totally burned, with no chance of reconciliation. For others, it’s literal distance.

A movie like Home Alone works like a hypnotic charm—it makes us feel good, and that’s why we love it so much!

An Enduring Piece of Art

 person watches Home Alone

Home Alone has a lot going behind its popularity. For one, it was a hugely popular movie around the world—even in non-Christian countries, which makes it a Christmas-regular everywhere. The movie’s plot is a dream-come-true for children: being home alone, gorging on ice-cream, and watching TV. No wonder we loved it as kids!

Not only is its nostalgic impact humongous, but it’s also a feel-good movie. You feel warm and comfortable and happy after watching it—and that makes you want to watch it again.

Don’t Pull a Home Alone, Though!

If you’re traveling this Christmas, you wouldn’t want to be in the same position as Kevin—or Kevin’s mom. You’ll want to do everything in advance—that solves a lot of issues!

One of the things Home Alone did was make people—and mothers, specifically—paranoid about forgetting things. Things like their own children. Or, you know, important papers. Make a checklist to avoid being in that situation.

Also make all your bookings in advance—whether they’re for hotels or luggage-storage services in advance. This way, you won’t be doing everything in a rush, and will have ample time to double-check.

Book Luggage-Storage Space in Advance

If you do, however, pull a Home Alone and find that you’ve forgotten your kid at home, you’ll want to cancel your plans and return. That’s okay with us at Cubby; we accommodate last-minute changes, and offer our services in Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and San Antonio.